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"We're ready to adapt and ready to do we what need to if the disease spreads," adds @POTUS .

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During a single 90-minute rally, Trump made 130 false or inaccurate statements — some entirely made up, others casual misstatements of simple facts, some clearly intended to mislead. He lied about his own record and that of his opponent. @YLindaQiu  @shearm 

Fmr. New Hampshire GOP Chair Jennifer Horn reacts to Pres. Trump making appeal to suburban women at rally: "A president who assaults the dignity of women on a daily basis ... Suburban women do not need Donald Trump to protect our neighborhoods."

MY LATEST: Can a democracy reverse a slide toward authoritarianism? According to the experts, there are historical examples showing it's possible. But it ain't easy. Please read this article to find out how a nation can make a U-turn—and RT and like.

Toronto elementary school warns of racist assault on Black student

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"They are able to defend and put 1 woman on the court but not protect thousands of people from being in a casket...that's the kind of policy we're seeing out of this administration and it is deadly, which is why poor and low wealth people must vote." @RevDrBarber  @MSNBC 

The Blue Ridge Fire broke out on Monday and quickly grew to more than 3,000 acres, forcing nearly 5,000 evacuations in Southern California

A proud, growing tribe of Japanese ink aficionados are defying deeply-rooted taboos associating tattoos with crime and turning their skin into vivid palettes of color with elaborate full-body designs

JUST IN: New cases of COVID-19 are up 26% week-over-week in the U.S., while deaths have increased by 15%, according to an HHS memo obtained by @ABC  News. 40 U.S. states and territories are in an upward trajectory of new infections, the memo says.

Clinical Decisions: Anticoagulation in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19