#Netherlands raises terrorism alert to highest level, all schools in Utrecht told to keep doors closed.

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#WATCH United Arab Emirates: Burj Khalifa illuminated in colours of the Tricolour on #IndiaIndependenceDay . (Video source: Consulate General of India, Dubai)

Stranded ship off Mauritius coast breaks in two, spilling tons more oil near protected ocean waters

The USPS is an essential government service guaranteed to us by our Constitution. It should be treated accordingly.

Kamala seems to have learned from Hillary to laugh incessantly instead of answering questions It's a bold strategy and we don't need to see how it will play out because Hillary lost in 2016

Although COVID-19 cases are beginning to decline, it is vital that South Africans continue to observe vital safety precautions on a widespread basis. In this way, we can ensure that relaxing lockdown restrictions will not cause a surge in new infections. #COVID19SA 

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The FDA grants emergency use authorization to a Covid-19 diagnostic test that uses a new, inexpensive method of processing saliva samples. The NBA was among the groups that funded the research.

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#MSDhoni posted this video on his Instagram account to announce his retirement. If you were to select one of the memorable moments from this video, what would that be? Tell us in the reply section. #YourSpace  #Dhoni  #DhoniRetiresRetires 

H.R. 40 has been introduced by Black members of Congress every year for the past 31 years. It's about time our representatives pass this bill and take demands for reparations seriously.