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Minnesota Vikings

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Who was @Show19ine 's favorite athlete growing up? That's an easy one. #Skol 

Still searching. Let us know if you hear anything.

@Show19ine  caught up with @athielen19  after he signed his contract. From a distance, of course.

@EricKendricks54  is using time during the COVID-19 crisis to showcase his creative talents to help raise money for food banks.

@athielen19  is continuing to help during the COVID-19 crisis. The Thielen Foundation will donate $100k to organizations that are supporting families in need. He is also organizing a radioathon on @KFAN1003  next week to continue fundraising efforts. 📰:

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Wash. Your. Hands. And watch this highlight while doing it. 📱:

"I just hope it can change some lives and save some lives." @dalvindjc  made quite the contribution earlier this week. 📺: