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@Vevo 4 weeks
mixing pop urban and contemporary songwriting are one of the freshest artists in the italian indie scene check
Mixing pop, urban and contemporary songwriting, @coma_cose are one of the freshest artists in the Italian indie scene. Check out their live session for DSCVR with "BEACH BOYS DISTORTI” & “A LAMETTA."

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The Avengers
the cast and filmmakers of marvel studios avengersendgame assemble at last nights world premiere 1 8
The cast and filmmakers of Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame assemble at last night’s world premiere! (1/8)
Sesame Street
illustrated with 50 years of art from sesame street children s books our new book love the fur you re in is a
Illustrated with 50 years of art from Sesame Street children's books, our new book "Love The Fur You're In" is a wise and funny guide to life that's just right for fans of all ages! Purchase your copy today:
Boing Boing
president donald trump and twitter ceo jack dorsey had a closed door meeting today
President Donald Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had a closed-door meeting today.
XXL Magazine
@XXL 2 hours
nooooo who did nle choppa like that
Nooooo who did NLE Choppa like that 😂😂
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Marvel Entertainment
three days until marvel studios avengersendgame get your tickets now
Three days until Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame. Get your tickets now:
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Judd Legum
here is one on facebook trump thinks his supporters are really dumb and that they will believe trump will pers
Here is one on Facebook. Trump thinks his supporters are really dumb and that they will believe Trump will personally review a list of people at 9PM tonight.
Millionaire Mindset
appreciate people with good energy
Appreciate people with good energy.
Millionaire Mindset
dont think of the cost think of the value
Don’t think of the cost
Think of the value
Think Different
nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible.
@Variety 1 hour
mila kunis takes the stage at seth macfarlane s hollywood walk of fame star ceremony we haven t spoken since i
Mila Kunis takes the stage at Seth MacFarlane's Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony: "We haven't spoken since I said no to #Ted2. Turns out, I was right"
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