Elon Musk / Spacex Tesla Facebook

Elon Musk deletes SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages, axing more than 5 million followers by @kharijohnson 

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Elon Musk / Spacex Tesla Facebook

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Bitcoin technical analysis: BTC/USD odds of a rally to $14,000 before December 31 -

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Only after the aristocrat signed on, could the artisan or merchant go into business. This rent seeking by aristocracy - something like our old Zamindari system - had to be overthrown before the industrial revolution could take off. And it was. The merchant led the revolt.

Going through old file tonight in my office I came across this gem. June 27, 2001 BOS-DCA for college visits in Washington. This trip changed the course of my life. Pilot of USA6535 printed me out a copy of the…

In literally less than 30 minutes, things may again potentially kick off in Hong Kong’s city center

India and Japan hold hands to check China's military expansion. #China  #India  #Japan  #security  #BeltandRoad  #Abe  #Modi  #ACSA  #Pakistan  #IndoPacific 

$EML Payments is 13% higher as it returns to trade after raising ~$156M to help fund its $423M acquisition of European payments services provider, Prepaid Financial Services#ausbiz  #fintech 

Truckers file lawsuit contesting California gig economy law

Disney+ servers are operated by Amazon. So once Disney becomes a real competitor for Amazon Prime Video, why won't Bezos just kick Disney off.

Google says it's not misusing U.S. patient records, just building a private search tool