@ChloeBailey  gushes over @BTS_twt : "They are incredible performers: how in-sync they are and how much passion they put in every move. Me being a performer, I admire that. And they're just so sweet."

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New anti-CRT bill in New Hampshire actually seeks to limit how teachers discuss the history of slavery Bill sponsor: "Slavery was a terrible thing, but..."

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This is the lifelong impact of a child's first 5 years — and how you can make the most of them. Watch the full talk here:

Dog who hasn’t been touched in two years lets someone pet him for the first time ❤️ @HopeForPaws 

Michael Geoffrey Jones, born to Russian Jewish mother Renee Zagansky, would come to be known as punk rock legend Mick Jones, co-founder of @TheClash . It’s London Calling Jerusalem as we take a “Train In Vain.” #hanukkahsessions  #happyhanukkah  #chanukah 

Experience the cinematic event of the season only in theaters December 10. Get tickets for Steven Spielberg's #WestSideStory  now:

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This brain researcher studied her own stroke ... as it happened. Hear her amazing story — and what she discovered:

Starring as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in "Being the Ricardos," Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem felt intense pressure playing two of the most famous people in television history

Thoughtful, clarifying essay by @magiciansbook  about rereading Sebold’s Lucky in the wake of Broadwater’s exoneration:

Just days before what would have been her daughter Bella’s sixth birthday, a light-up unicorn was stolen and the garden trashed in what Laura Douglas described as a horrific “act of vandalism"

The simple coin design was quickly replaced, leaving only 40 or so surviving specimens today.