Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams: "It's felt like no matter how many accolades I amassed, I still couldn't make that translate into retirement money" | #Emmys 

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Michelle Williams

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#ByeDon2020 sign in a yard directly across from Jared and Ivanka’s House.

Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow is getting dragged by WH Press right now for using pre-COVID (2019) data to tout Trump Administration economic record......

In light of today's events, we will use tonight's show to focus on important conversations that we all should continue to have. The show will be joined by MSNBC host, @JoyAnnReid , and President and CEO of the NAACP, @DJohnsonMSNAACP .

“The Court is gonna be the thing now that preserves minority rule in America, and if you care about that, do something about it in the election.” - @Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick outlines Senate Democrats’ options:

After a decision was announced in the Breonna Taylor investigation, President Donald Trump offered a message to the Black community. #breonnataylor  #kentucky  #louisville  #presidenttrump 

Prime Minister@JustinTrudeau  will address the nation in moments, after today's speech from the throne #cdnpoli 

I missed this great reporting from a couple weeks ago, which helps explain why Rick Perry suddenly resigned: he was up to his neck in a sleazy deal in Ukraine

Bad Bunny breaks his social media silence to promote voting.

The World Meteorological Organization has recognised a temperature of -69.6°C at an automatic weather station in Greenland on 22 Dec 1991 as the lowest ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. 👀🌡️

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Coronavirus: 10 ways to cope with six more months of Covid rules