Tiana / Disney / Gotta

Sterling K. Brown picks Tiana as his favorite Disney princess: "Gotta represent for the sisters" #Frozen2  #D23 

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Tiana / Disney / Gotta

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#TREASURE EDITORIAL vol.4 Photography for treasure maker 2020/2/3rd week #트레저 #TREASURE_EDITORIAL  #vol_4  #YG 

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This is the worst night for a billionaire since Bruce Wayne’s dad walked down that alley. #DemDebate 

Elizabeth Warren just cleared up my tension headache, brought back four years of my life, and made me excited about the prospect of our nation’s shared future for one of the first times since Trump gave his inaugural speech. Donate now to support @elizabethforma :


Arena Homme Plus magazine taps CHOISIWON as the new cover guy for their 14th anniversary issue! He showed off his perfect gentlemanly beauty with suits of colorful styles! 😎 #CHOISIWON  #최시원 #SUPERJUNIOR  #슈퍼주니어 @SJofficial 

Closing statements SANDERS: It's time to return power to the people BIDEN: I am the most electable candidate BLOOMBERG: Does anyone know if it's possible to get a refund on TV commercials

Bloomberg: "So what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?" #DemDebate 

Ferret meets dog, falls in love ❤

Bloomberg is an unmitigated disaster tonight. He’s not prepped well and he comes off snippy and smug. #DemDebate