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BTS were the first ever k-pop presenters at the #Grammys
BTS were the first ever k-pop presenters at the #Grammys


#BREAKING : R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts Of Aggravated Criminal Sex Abuse

(Robin Marchant / Getty)
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💖💖or favor, parem de pedir Harry Potter.
🤩Wow! NASA posted this amazing photo of a dragon-shaped #aurora, which lit up the sky in Iceland earlier this week🐉
Accused sex criminals who Trump has defended:

1. Roy Moore

2. Brett Kavanaugh

3. Bob Kraft

4. Roger Ailes

5. Himself
Fuck bitches get money?


Fuck Haters be Happy 🤗
.@weareoneexo's Suho is emerging as a style star in his own right.
Coming this fall… The story of a poorly staged hate crime that rocked a nation: Jussie’s Lie
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God is relational not transactional. He wants to walk with you thru the pain, not just make it disappear.
It’s so crazy that i can get copyrighted for singing a song terribly in my kitchen in my pajamas with headphones on hahhaha i’m so confused 😅
Happy Cat Day🐈!

2 = ni = nya

In Japanese, “meow” is ニャー.

So, 2-22 is “nya, nya, nya” — That’s what a cat sounds like in Japanese!
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They peddled crack, cocaine, and heroin ––– frustrating and intimating the community.

And they were near Harlem schools.
You don't like the original version of a song because it's better. You like it because it's the one you heard first.
NASA’s head of human exploration and operations, William Gerstenmaier, called the upcoming test flight “an absolutely critical first step” to eventually putting astronauts on board.
Probably the closest we'll get to feeling like we're in the studio with @aliciakeys so we'll take it. 😍 Watch her new video "Raise A Man" now.

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The first date is always the most important one. Don’t screw it up by making these basic mistakes...
A new pop-up shop for dogs will be making rounds at two local ski resorts in the month of March.
"All “samples” are Hawaiian...Some off records and some off live performances I saw there. It’s just an album for the people saying “thank you”." @StatikSelekt on his first ever instrumental project, #Mahalo. Listen now on @TIDALHi
REVIEW: Shouts of “Bravo!” greeted the conclusion of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra first performance of William Schuman’s Symphony No. 9 and deservedly so ★★★★.
@TheWolfCat22 We're sorry to disappoint, JV. It's always a tough call delaying one flight for another, and we regret if the handling of the delay today has caused any frustration. We aim to have everyone on the way tonight as soon as we can. -Rachel
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