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Latest Scoops

Paul Bloch, the PR great who was known for handling crises with aplomb, died today https://t.co/5FSj9AqwNv
‘Adrift’ Director Baltasar Kormakur on Casting Shailene Woodley, Shooting Surrounded by Sharks https://t.co/RWaMzKKk1B
Film News Roundup: Sony Opening Crime Thriller ‘Superfly’ Two Days Earlier https://t.co/ADPtyllj3x
Is #StarWars facing the dreaded "franchise fatigue"? #Solo is heading toward an opening that's well below forecasts this weekend https://t.co/Tvnc1EguRG
The best war movies to watch over Memorial Day weekend https://t.co/k3vo8S2bj5
.@rosemcgowan: "I have to admit, I didn’t think I would see the day that [Harvey Weinstein] would have handcuffs on him" https://t.co/32gCTrfLoD
The creators of #SesameStreet aren't too, well, happy about the marketing of #TheHappytimeMurders https://t.co/gCUtv48w2y
Cannes Film Review: ‘The Dead and the Others’ https://t.co/7C71afSrC3
Accuser Lauren Sivan reacts to Harvey Weinstein's arrest: "He should be in jail" https://t.co/Pyj82YJebS
The co-head of content acquisitions at Showtime, Gary Garfinkel, has died https://t.co/P7SXeYqz5U
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