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With FilmStruck bowing out, the Criterion Collection is launching a streaming service to pick up where the classic film showcase left off https://t.co/tB1VcxQPan
Oscars: Christian Bale Leaps Into the Lead Actor Race With Adam McKay’s Sobering ‘Vice’ https://t.co/jruuogRr99
“The Saint” is based on Leslie Charteris’ book series, which follow the debonair Simon Templar character first introduced in the 1928 novel “Meet the Tiger" https://t.co/cz97lVhgAP
Rudy Valdez started filming a family project, but it turned into a documentary that uncovered a problem far deeper than anyone realized https://t.co/4b4qxbcCWM
How 'A Christmas Story,' which exited theaters by Dec. 16 when it was released, still went on to become a holiday classic https://t.co/EgojTxVByB
‘Serial’ podcast exposes epic dysfunction in Cleveland’s criminal justice system https://t.co/HJbZ0Akav8
Chainsmokers Drop New Song Called ‘Beach House’; Beach House Has No Comment https://t.co/2UtEOEBrPT
‘Serial’ podcast exposes epic dysfunction in Cleveland’s criminal justice system https://t.co/HJbZ0ABLmG
Alfonso Cuaron Thrived on Chaos When He Shot His Own Memories for ‘Roma’ https://t.co/vycXdxk3Id
Matt Damon on how Frank Marshall saved #TheBourneIdentity: "Had it not been for Frank, we never would have had a franchise" https://t.co/UJHsyMgSbN
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