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Catalina Sandino Moreno breaks down the timely immigration plot on #TheAffair Season 4 https://t.co/ToI8HgLimH
Omarosa—in the midst of a siege on the White House and her former boss Donald Trump—has found a new supporter in her corner: magician and fellow former Apprentice star Penn Jillette https://t.co/IuveHvcUWq
As the Chinese market continues to grow, the politics of diversity in America have made blockbusters of films starring people of color. Is #CrazyRichAsians next? https://t.co/buIEbFFGMo
.@TheAmericansFX wrapped in May after six seasons, three 2018 Emmy nominations, and a deluge of inspired coifs https://t.co/eNNxsIL2ze
Is this Glenn Close's key to an Oscar? https://t.co/M1MZZGjI6R
Twitter’s bizarre attempt to find a middle ground is as pointless as it is toothless https://t.co/xmawZyVlLY
Disney might be keeping mum regarding its decision to fire James Gunn, but the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy films has continued to—carefully—speak out https://t.co/QBXIAP5mij
“The situation of Luisa is the situation of thousands of people right now. . . . I thought the timing [for this story line] was perfect.” —@CataSan007 https://t.co/wHIt5n97wW
Rose Byrne talks to V.F. about @Juliet_Naked and her gradual transition from gritty dramas to full-fledged comedies https://t.co/8uPCgSR2br
If you're asking who has the most, well... https://t.co/hzeX80abg9
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