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Latest Scoops

It’s a boy for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West https://t.co/RSmjF9WvN5
As the government shutdown drags on, Stephen Colbert has joined the effort to help furloughed workers, who at this point have lost out on thousands of dollars in pay https://t.co/DwUKaafXaf
Don't fret, there've been signs of Melania around the White House https://t.co/Z4xDyh6Azn
Prince Philip is “doing fine” after a car accident https://t.co/BeQs057qzO
Rudy Giuliani again attempted to move the goalposts in the Russia probe https://t.co/KpKwEDgyhL
Giuliani has been wrong about the timing of Robert Mueller's report before, but Trump's lawyer is reportedly expecting the first installment "soon" https://t.co/EN9iG5oUyT
The “Troika of Tyranny” is now a “Wolf Pack of Rogue States” https://t.co/oG3Ti9MTG7
Pete Davidson has things to say about his BDE https://t.co/O1HGYxJsW8
The First Daughter, who backed Mike Flynn for National Security Adviser, is helping pick the next World Bank president https://t.co/nuEzGU9QFA
Leaking Pelosi's plan to visit the troops was Trump's way of getting revenge https://t.co/U5KngN5XjQ
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