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Latest Scoops

A reminder: Bill and Hillary are going on a 13-city tour after the midterms https://t.co/Gmsvljn8H9
"Part of the honor of this experience is being able to join a club with these distinguished gentlemen who happen to kill people for a living." https://t.co/umqLPs2zBP
The next royal baby is on its way! https://t.co/RvMy1YppmC
.@shondarhimes speaks highly of @timesupnw's new president and C.E.O.: “Lisa [Borders] has the qualities I wanted most, which is proven experience and commitment to gender and inclusion issues, and an amazing track record moving the needle of change.” https://t.co/ZDrdWYfRUi
Internet porn has officially killed HBO’s adult entertainment business https://t.co/fGOL8jtdvM
"Goddard’s film operates with a dire earnestness that saps the fun right out of the lobby," says V.F. chief critic @rilaws: https://t.co/XtyaRvE02C
Donald Trump is riding high—and more enamored of his power than ever https://t.co/uUoBOmhIJQ
In this week's Little Gold Men: a look at A Star Is Born's Oscar chances, Bad Times at the El Royale, and what’s shaping up to be a very good fall for Cynthia Erivo https://t.co/V8yMZxzWpa
#DoctorWho star Jodie Whittaker on the show’s refreshing new outlook: “This season, we’ve reflected [the] society that we live in today, which isn’t just white, male oriented.” https://t.co/QvBSxHZwd3
“And therein lies a fundamental element of the Obama story: he is the particular that made the general possible,” writes historian @jmeacham https://t.co/leIGhcH06q
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