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The Democratic party relies on black women to save the party, and yet no African-American woman has been given the opportunity to help lead it. Whatever the criteria for VP, there is a black woman who meets it and is ready to serve. The time is now.

How do we keep falling this trap of pitting black women against each other?? We should evaluate @KamalaHarris , @KarenBassTweets , ALL of these women in consideration for VP on their own (significant) merits – NOT personal traits. Praising one doesn't require putting down another.

IMPORTANT: Don’t let the Trump administration rush the census count - The Washington Post @vanitaguptaCR ⁩

Black women have been betting on the Democratic Party since the civil rights era. It is time for the Democratic Party to bet on them. This month, @JoeBiden  should pick a black woman for VP – and he has six GREAT options. Check out my take on @CNNOpinion :

One of the most devastating impacts of incarceration is how difficult - and EXPENSIVE - it is to stay connected with people you love. Today the @FCC  FINALLY voted to lower call cost. More action is needed from states & Congress, but hey - it's a start.

There's something about @JoeBiden  + @KamalaHarris  that just... WORKS. All the people who took a stand for this outcome – ESPECIALLY African-Americans – were right. And they will be proven right in November. #BidenHarris2020 

@JoeBiden  and @KamalaHarris  blew me away with their speeches today. Both are stronger than I've ever seen them. It's incredible to watch as they invent a completely new way to campaign. It's medicine. And it's beautiful. #BidenHarris2020 

What @MichelleObama  did tonight was beautiful. She wasn't just trying to put the President down – she was trying to pick the country up. She spoke to heartbreak. Hope. Honesty. EMPATHY. What she just did for this country was extraordinary.

If you're an African American, tonight the despair is so hard to hold off. Seeing people stick up for this kid shooting people... it makes me scared for my sons. Too many kids are getting killed. Too many are hurting. There's something wrong in this country. #JacobBlake  #BLM 


Day One of the #resistance . Took us 5 years to get numbers this big against G.W. Bush. Only 24 hours against Trump.

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This is no longer "left v right." The #Resistance  is now a pro-democracy movement against a would-be authoritarian regime. Dems & GOP unite!

CALLING ALL "CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES." Um...Ya might wanna speak up now? Exec orders, overreach, all that? U HATE that stuff. Remember?

Give the man his due: is on his way to becoming the uniter-in-Chief on an issue that has divided America for generations. Congrats to everyone on both sides who fought for this. #FIRSTSTEPact  #CriminalJusticeSummit  #CriminalJusticeReform  #justicereform  #Trump 

Bloomberg has a problem because of what he did with stop-and-frisk. It was a HORROR SHOW to be Black or Latino in New York for years. You were constantly stopped for NO reason – and Bloomberg defended it until 20 minutes ago. #DemDebates  @CNN 

Someone needs to inform that I ALREADY asked Jay Z whether black employment figures redeem Trump’s presidency. And Jay’s answer last night on the was POWERFUL ! #VanJonesShow ! ... Watch the VIDEO for yourself:

Treat the mid-terms like a presidential election. Everyone: work your tails off to elect a Congress that will restrain him and hold him accountable. That’s the only viable solution that we have any control over.

@realDonaldTrump  never misses an opportunity--to miss an opportunity. Failure 2 honor dead or denounce white supremacists utterly shameful.