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WE GOT HIM! Watch the #VanJonesShow  TONIGHT at 7pm ET on @CNN  as @AndrewYangVFA  talks with me about 2020 and answers questions from #YangGangh #DemDebate #Election2020  #Yang 

...I was honored to be joined by Rep. Ed Gainey, who represents the neighborhood we met in. We were also joined by Patrick Nightingale, a former prosecutor and now a defense Attorney with PNK Law. I am especially proud that Patrick Purtill was there; he is the Director of...

...Legislative Affairs for the Faith and Freedom Coalition — a powerful conservative ally in the fight for justice reform. #REFORMprobation  #FightDifferent 

Heroes of the day: Rep. Sheryl Delozier and Rep. Jordan Harris, sponsors of #HB1555 . After forming the bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Caucus both were instrumental in introducing bipartisan legislation #HB1555  to reform Pennsylvania’s probation system. #FightDifferent  @JusticeReformAL 

This is how we win. Intelligent people getting organized. Pennsylvania is demanding smart probation reform and now is the time. Join @JusticeReformAL 's next event:

On Tuesday, we'll plead our case for the Smart Probation Act #SB14  #HB1555 . (Contrary to the clip, our bill doesn't address parole. We are starting with probation only in PA.) Click here to join the fight: #REFORMprobation  #FightDifferent  @JusticeReformAL 

CHECK THIS OUT: From The Root: A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World Independent... via @amazon 

Tonight's episode is going to make you go "awww"! The video of these two toddlers & best friends hugging went viral this month. I meet the boys and speak to their dads about why it struck a chord. Tune in tonight at 7pm ET on @CNN  @AC360 


Day One of the #resistance . Took us 5 years to get numbers this big against G.W. Bush. Only 24 hours against Trump.

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This is no longer "left v right." The #Resistance  is now a pro-democracy movement against a would-be authoritarian regime. Dems & GOP unite!

Give the man his due: is on his way to becoming the uniter-in-Chief on an issue that has divided America for generations. Congrats to everyone on both sides who fought for this. #FIRSTSTEPact  #CriminalJusticeSummit  #CriminalJusticeReform  #justicereform  #Trump 

CALLING ALL "CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES." Um...Ya might wanna speak up now? Exec orders, overreach, all that? U HATE that stuff. Remember?

Someone needs to inform that I ALREADY asked Jay Z whether black employment figures redeem Trump’s presidency. And Jay’s answer last night on the was POWERFUL ! #VanJonesShow ! ... Watch the VIDEO for yourself:

Treat the mid-terms like a presidential election. Everyone: work your tails off to elect a Congress that will restrain him and hold him accountable. That’s the only viable solution that we have any control over.

@realDonaldTrump  never misses an opportunity--to miss an opportunity. Failure 2 honor dead or denounce white supremacists utterly shameful.

I'm concerned about the racists, but I'm much more concerned about the robots. I’m still undecided, but Yang is asking questions that others aren’t and that’s important. @AndrewYangVFA