Vala Afshar

Career advice: 1 you are not your job 2 I can > IQ 3 don't speak poorly about others 4 there is no career ladder 5 know when it's time to leave 6 you do not need a title to lead 7 always meet deadlines 8 deliver outside your job description 9 stay teachable 10 share the credit

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the actual rule mcconnell announced and abided by in 2016 was that republicans won't confirm a democratic president's nominees. that's it. that's the rule.

This is not a monarchy, and Supreme Court justices do not will their seats to their heirs

Democrats' radically nuclear response to the SCOTUS vacancy is a real threat to JoeBiden's candidacy. Up until now, Biden has been able to run as the "take a breath" candidate. Things have been crazy; here's an empathetic elderly gentleman who will restore normalcy.

A Black man was arrested at gunpoint in his own home in Wisconsin after neighbors didn’t recognize him. Keonte Furdge recently moved and was sitting on the porch when a neighbor called the police. Furdge is suing the city and two officers, who entered the home without knocking.

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Zendaya made history at the #Emmys , becoming the youngest person to win best lead actress in a drama. The 24-year-old won for her role as Rue in Euphoria. She is also the second Black woman to ever receive that award, after Viola Davis in 2015.

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K-Pop sensation BTS became the latest band to participate in the at-home series of the stripped-down, more intimate performances featured on NPR.

CDC removes statement on airborne virus transmission, claiming website error. The agency had posted information new guidelines suggesting the virus can transmit over a distance larger than 6 feet and that indoor ventilation is key to protection against it.

There is a race against time to save around 270 whales who have become stuck on two sand banks and a beach off the coast of Tasmania At least 25 whales are thought to have already died as conservationists begin the huge rescue operation