Vala Afshar

You will not remember how much money you made throughout your career. However, you will remember every single person that graciously opened a career door for you. Opening doors for others is important and meaningful work. Be a door opener. Be remembered.

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PM confirmed to Tusk that letter is being sent tonight as per Benn Act seeking a delay - also speaking to Merkel and Macron

Rep. @Ocasio2018 : "When I was a waitress and when it was time for me to graduate college with student debt, Bernie Sanders was one of the only ones that said no person should be graduating with life-crushing debt at the start of their lives."

Brexit Crisis: EU official says PM Boris Johnson has confirmed to EU Council President Donald Tusk that an extension letter would be sent today

A Marine veteran who served in Iraq is facing imminent deportation to El Salvador.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: "As much as Hillary Clinton would love for me to run as an independent or third party candidate, I am not entertaining that. I will not do that. I am a Democrat."

Joe Kennedy III: "I'm not sure how many times, how many people, can admit to committing an impeachable offense before some of our Republican colleagues decide to come on board and stand up for the Constitution."

A high school football and track coach in Portland, Oregon, was celebrated as a hero earlier this year after he disarmed a student with a shotgun

Boris Johnson refuses to sign #Brexit  extension request and instead sends photocopy, saying: 'This is not my letter, it's Parliament's'