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A computer inside your contact lens allows you to record videos, surf the web, facial and object recognition, and take photos

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Plaque laid by anti-government protesters declaring Thailand “belongs to the people, and not the king” removed

#SidharthShukla treats himself to coconut water on a sunny day in Mumbai; pics inside @sidharth_shukla 

UPDATE: Death toll rises to 10 people after building collapse near Mumbai, India

For what it’s worth, we asked about the” Covid alert level” in lobby briefings last week and it’s apparently still 3...

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The U.S. government is falling behind global rivals when it comes to protecting meatpacking workers from Covid-19 infections

LOOK: An artist draws the viral photo of Manila Bay onlookers on a footbridge, likened to the rate of rising COVID-19 cases in the country. Illustration from Chico David

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#WATCH | Condition of farmers has been worrisome over the past 70 years. Now, the situation has changed with the passage of (agriculture) bills. Farmers have become owners. Farmers should become 'Aatmnirbhar': Actor Anupam Kher

Those questioning the suspension of Rajya Sabha MPs are either unaware of the background or deliberately hypocritical. The truth is, there are several all-party resolutions reiterating that such disciplinary action must be taken for rowdy & destructive behaviour inside the house.

After Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot while jogging in Georgia, many African American men came forward with stories of discrimination US police recently arrested runner Mathias Ometu in Texas, even though he did not fit the description of a suspect