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Kenzo Takada, the designer whose exuberant prints and volumes helped break the Paris barrier and bring Japanese fashion to the world, has died from the coronavirus.

Melania Trump's #RNC  speech -- and suit -- was not like the others -

Melania as meme-queen; Ivanka as a ballroom ninja, and more on the pomp, circumstance, and costume of Trump's final #RNC  spectacle -

Fashion is not dead -- but it is changing. Join us tomorrow (9/9, at 10:00 am est) for the first in a series of up-close-and-personal events that will take you inside fashion month 2020, from designers to shows and the questions we all want to ask:

Kim Jones is the new designer of @Fendi  women's wear, the job Karl Lagerfeld held for 54 years. That's big shoes to fill, at a time where the stakes in fashion have never been higher. Oh, and Mr. Jones is keeping his @Dior  men's job, too. With @LizziePaton- 

The Gucci family saga, which has been full of both glamour and darkness (murder, family feuds, tax evasion), has taken yet another complicated, sad turn -

The fashion holdouts have finally caved to Amazon: "Luxury Stores" debuts. Oscar de la Renta will be the guinea pig. Thus does Rome fall.

I wrote about RBG's collars and what they meant -

This was one of the weirdest, most delightful, stories I have reported since the pandemic began. At one point, I honestly thought it was all a big hoax. But it kept making me smile. We all need that around now, so hopefully it will do the same for you -


Brooks Brothers converting NY, Mass and NCarolina factories from making ties and shirts to making masks and gowns. They are making 150,000 masks a day starting now.

The @LouisVuitton  Trump ⁩ ribbon cutting. “Louis Vuitton...cost me a lot of money over the years” said the President.

Best @chanel  finale video ever: Spot the catwalk- crasher! And spot the security guys running after her! #PFW 

So here I am at the @LouisVuitton ⁩ factory with the LV cattle in the LV fields in Johnson County, Texas for the POTUS ribbon cutting. Never did I think I would write all those words in one sentence before.

Lily Collins does Priscilla Presley. Works for me. #Metgala 

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So the men are wearing the gowns, and the women are wearing the pants. I like it, Billy Porter and Melissa McCarthy. #Oscars