K-Pop / Kim Namjoon / K-Pop Band Viral Plea

"Find your name [and] find your voice." K-Pop band, BTS leader Kim Namjoon, 24, said in a speech that went viral on social media. ? K-Pop Band Goes Viral with UN Plea to Young People

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K-Pop / Kim Namjoon / K-Pop Band Viral Plea

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This father still walks his son to the first day of school 10 years later

“If police feel that they are going to be unfairly treated or unjustly disciplined for something they felt was a righteous act of self defense, and there’d be what they feel is unfair Monday morning quarterbacking, they will not take those risks.”

Photo via @SophiaGermer : Gas was fired by New Orleans police into a crowd of protesters near the Crescent City Connection on Wednesday night. This is the first time law enforcement has used gas during a protest in the past week. Developing story:

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Obama calls on mayors for action against systemic racism

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31 years ago tonight I was at Tiananmen and watched Chinese troops open fire on peaceful protesters. The West responded with revulsion, except for one man: Donald Trump, who praised the crackdown. My column on his longtime interest in military solutions:

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