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The idea of being awake, thoughtful and productive comes when you are present.
While i am totally devastated that she is hurting and pained by her experience the “assault” didn’t happen.
Statement of Russell Simmons in Response to LA Times Article.
God puts us through fire till it doesn’t burn that’s when lessons are best learned 🌈 let go and let GOD she’s a master teacher ❤️/evolve
Practice loving all things including difficulties they are there to make u stronger ❤️ embrace struggle it is your greatest teacher
Most of the great ideas we have in life are born out of the fleeting moments of stillness.
When we rally for meek please note the larger issue He’s is an example of how black men are… https://t.co/xarsW5Pcum
A man who has the same consciousness at 60 as he did when he was 20 ,30 has wasted a lifetime embrace your struggles as your main teachers
Please join us tomorrow @tantrisyoga at noon for class the lecture will focus on god… https://t.co/TGEH79C2vZ
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