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Mass unemployment is a policy choice. Congress can step in to stop layoffs by passing a national paycheck guarantee and expanding worksharing. Working families need help now — these critical priorities should be included in #CARES2 .

@HouseGOP  is trying to deny hardworking families, including frontline workers, emergency aid in this pandemic. We urge our colleagues to stand in solidarity with families across the nation & reject this attempt to divide us. If the MTR passes, the CPC will oppose the Heroes Act.

#EarthDay50 is a reminder of our collective responsibility to save the planet. It's not a celebration -- it's a call to action. @USProgressives  are fighting for a #GreenNewDeal  because we need a healthy Earth not just for a day, but for generations.

We need bold legislation that meets the scale of this crisis and is grounded in justice, equity & inclusion. Progressives are calling for a #CARES2  bill that: ✅Stops mass layoffs ✅Provides financial relief ✅Protects public health ✅Safeguards elections We must #PutPeopleFirst .

We need a #PeoplesRecovery , not bailouts for big corporations. Tune in on social media today at 2pm ET to watch the Progressive Caucus launch a first-of-its-kind virtual hearing series, starting with preventing mass layoffs & guaranteeing paychecks.

LIVE: Watch the CPC hearing on closing racial disparities in the COVID19 response. #PeoplesRecovery 

TUNE IN: @USProgressives  are holding a #PeoplesRecovery  hearing right now on how to #ReopenSafely  through robust testing and contact tracing.


The #GOPTaxScam  will give huge handouts to the rich & corporations, turn its back on the middle-class, cut jobs, and gut programs like Social Security and Medicaid. In the words of CPC 1st Vice-Chair, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, “We have to #KillTheBill ."

Reminder that Congress has never authorized deploying troops in Syria to protect their oil fields. This is dangerous and unconstitutional.

CPC Co-Chairs & urge Americans of all political stripes to reject 's cynical effort to stifle and intimidate diverse voices such as 's. We look forward to her continued leadership in her committee and in the CPC.

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Congratulations to one of our founding Members, on being named by as one of the world's most influential people #TIME100 

The #GOPTaxScam  is bad. Really, really bad! Not only does it raise taxes on any household making $75,000 or less, it also repeals the individual mandate, leading to 13 million ppl losing health coverage. All of this is done to give $100,000/year tax break to mega-corporations.

The CPC has endorsed 2 bills to prevent war with Iran. 1st, from @RepRoKhanna , prohibits any funding for offensive military force in Iran. The 2nd, from @RepBarbaraLee , repeals the 02 Iraq AUMF. We've urged leadership for a vote on these bills alongside a strong War Powers Res.

Powerful op-ed from @Ilhan : "But the beauty of this country is not that our democracy is perfect. It’s that embedded in our Constitution and democratic institutions are the tools to make it better."