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Created by Congress, the independent U.S. Institute of Peace works to prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflict around the world.

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Any Afghan government that comes out of this political settlement is going to need continued support from the international community, says Michèle Flournoy. #AfghanPeace 

Stephen J. Hadley: There’s a crucial role for all of Afghan society in this process, and that’s why the intra-Afghan negotiations need to be inclusive. #AfghanPeace 

On intra-Afghan negotiations: You need to know that peace is actually going to be embraced by and enforced against all of the parties, so there’s an inclusivity question on both delegations, Stephen J. Hadley says. #AfghanPeace 

“If this test period is implemented successfully, it should lead to the signing of a U.S.-Taliban agreement,” Dep. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Amb. Molly Phee said at our headquarters today. Watch her remarks: #AfghanPeace 

“While it is up to Afghans to decide the election outcome, our priority—and what we believe to be the priority of most Afghans—remains peace and the peace process,” Amb. Phee said at our headquarters today. #AfghanPeace  #Afghanistan  @US4AfghanPeace 

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The #coronavirus  epidemic has had a transformative effect on the protest movement in Hong Kong. #nCoV2019 

The biggest problem India and Pakistan face is poverty. And the best way to reduce poverty is for us to start trading with each other, says @ImranKhanPTI . #ImranKhanUSIP 

"We won because of social media... Had there been no social media, we would not have won against the established parties," says @ImranKhanPTI , describing those parties as operating like a "mafia." #ImranKhanUSIP 

We have made no prediction of the electoral outcome. Our work on elections focuses entirely on preventing violence. Please read our statement:

I would like to have a relationship with the U.S. of mutual trust, as equals, of friendship... not as it was before, where it was transactional for aid, says @ImranKhanUSIP . Now, we have a relationship based on mutual interest: peace in Afghanistan. #ImranKhanUSIP 

One year in, we have finally stabilized our economy, says @ImranKhanPTI . Now, we can focus on our priorities. We believe that development means human development, he says... The gap between the rich and poor has grown every year. #ImranKhanUSIP