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What’s your favorite warrior task to train on?

#USArmyReserve Soldiers with the @361stCABDE trained on several warrior tasks in order to remain capable, combat-ready & lethal.

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Soldiers can expect many changes in their lives at home and in uniform in 2019. Here’s what you should know: https://t.co/aidMBsdMUJ
Richard Overton will be laid to rest Saturday at a historic cemetery in his hometown of Austin following days of tributes: https://t.co/3a5zPk7ulk #WWII
Do you think you could make it through @USAGMcCoy’s Cold-Weather Operations Course? https://t.co/2jEfkVcN7F
The @USArmy is embracing #AI in order to compete against potential adversaries: https://t.co/klA7ooU4Wh
Did you transition from active duty into the #USArmyReserve?

Here are one Soldier’s reasons for doing it and why he says it has been a win-win: https://t.co/rGoKMIKBjm
#USArmyReserve Soldiers with the @ESC364 provided hands-on training to specialists in order to increase equipment readiness: https://t.co/Vac714FSF4
.@USArmy Soldiers & par@USMCtnered to train with & test a low-cost parachute system in Kuwait: https://t.co/q5K7RbeeI5
Listen up #USArmyReserve NCOs!

Here are the four focus lines of effort that @ArmyReserveCSM needs you to do! #NCOTalks
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