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#Klobuchar : I've been in the arena working o #immigration  reform. I'm proud of my record. T #Buttigieg  : You haven't been in the arena. You've memorized a bunch of talking points.//Thoughts #demdebate  #democraticdebate  #tellusatoday 

Candidates are making closing statements. Let us know what you thought of tonight's #democraticdebate . What grades would you give the candidates? Who do you think won? Lost? Did anyone get your vote tonight? Use #tellusatoday . We may publish your reply. #demdebate 

@USATODAY  editors @DavidMastio  and @JillDLawrence  analyze the #demdebate : What happened in Vegas was more like fight club than debate club. If you found it riveting, stay tuned. There's another Democratic slug fest next week.

Face facts, #BernieSanders  is electable, says @USATODAY  columnist @KirstenPowers . It’s well past time to bury the "Bernie is unelectable" trope. He has a better shot than moderate #Bloomberg .

In Detroit, both the city and former offenders find new hope, purpose

A new study details restrictions on educational and job opportunities for current and former inmates in all 50 states. Opportunities aren't only better for formerly incarcerated, but for the jobs market.

From @KathyKiely : Would #Bloomberg  protect and defend freedom of the press, or would he be another #Trump ?

How #Amazon 's #JeffBezos  should spend that $10 billion if he's serious about #climatechange .

Let's try to protect the 2020 election. Here's how to prove you're not a #Russian  troll.


From Rep. : We’re now seeing a debate about whether or not Trump suggested paying for the story in cash. That misses the point. ...

Former FBI director Mueller is too close to his successor, James#Comey , to be impartial on Russia investigation.

Whatever happens tonight, at least the campaigns are over.

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From @tedcruz  to the @NBA : Don't pander to #China 's brutal Communist Party, stand up for US free speech

From and : If Donald issued to his advi #Trumpers , hi #pardons  children or himself, that would constitute perhaps the gravest abuse of power in American history.

Say no to gun silencer bill. I survived Virginia Tech because I heard shots.

A president who'd all but call a senator a whore is unfit to clean toilets in Obama's presidential library or shine George W. Bush's shoes: #Ourview