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The city needs a mayoral candidate who can show the country that it is indeed possible to overhaul the police and keep the public safe, writes Ashish Prashar. @Ash_Prashar  

The For the People Act would do some popular, commonsense things to put the people back in charge, writes Sen. Jeff Merkley.

Roughly 10,000 babies are born in the U.S. each day. What will Emily and the others think as they learn about the world they entered on June 15?

Emily was conceived when our nation was being strangled by the coronavirus and life was turned upside down. Hope was still many months away.

My parents and many other African Americans in Southern states could not cast ballots until President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Senate Republicans have won an important battle in their disgraceful war on democracy, writes Donna Brazile. @donnabrazile  

Opposing View: Don’t believe the misinformation. Americans deserve the government promised to them by the Constitution – of, by and for the people.

People who are deliberately robbed of their shared history are doomed to be manipulated by those in power, again and again.

From George Washington Johnson to Prince, how can the music industry repair theft of intellectual property?

Faced the dark reality that people would continue use crime scene footage of their abuse for pleasure, victims want to hold Pornhub accountable too.


From Sen. @RandPaul  and @RepAndyBiggsAZ : Anthony Fauci wants America closed until there's nothing to reopen

Georgia secretary of state: My family voted for Trump. He threw us under the bus anyway.

Where were Capitol Police during Wednesday chaos? Tolerating white rioters in ways not afforded Black protesters #policingtheusa 

FOX News Channel meteorologist @JaniceDean : #COVID-19  killed my in-laws after Cuomo's reckless New York nursing home policy.

Since March, an American has started a COVID-related fundraiser on GoFundMe every two minutes — a direct result of government programs coming up short, writes @gofundme  CEO Tim Cadogan in urging Congress to pass COVID aid.