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“Truth, Justice and the American Way” has now become “Truth, Justice and Building a Better Tomorrow.”

In past moments of vast societal upheaval, we have often turned to the arts and humanities not only to better grasp who we are, but also to grasp at envisioning a better future.

In times of chaos, it is the arts and humanities that grant us the knowledge and the insight to understand what we are experiencing in the world around us.

For a country that purports to value our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, it has become clear that some of our elected officials don’t understand it.

To replace and rebuild some of what they had lost, survivors and refugees relied on us – their memorial children – sometimes going so far as to name us after relatives murdered by Nazis.

Infrastructure and climate change are topics people tend to gloss over. They sound like big picture issues that don't matter much to our daily lives. Here's are some examples of why that's wrong.

The shameful season of the gerrymander is in full bloom as state lawmakers redraw legislative and congressional districts so they can choose their voters rather than the other way around.

With two unsigned opinions, the Supreme Court on Monday seemed to double down on a nonsensical and impractical approach to qualified immunity.


From Sen. @RandPaul  and @RepAndyBiggsAZ : Anthony Fauci wants America closed until there's nothing to reopen

I was dismissed from my job last week after I publicly shared my experience getting the COVID-19 vaccination, writes @dandarling  

Since Day One of COVID-19, nurses have told our managers to prepare for predictable staffing needs, including hiring and training more nurses, and cross training nurses to work in critical care departments. They didn’t listen.

Long before the pandemic, hospitals staffed at bare-bone levels to maximize profit, rather than at the level needed to safely care for patients and the severity of their conditions. The pandemic took the unsafe staffing to nightmare levels.

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“The hospital keeps saying, ‘We appreciate you,’ but we are not seeing any action,” said registered nurse Maggie Webb. She will lose half a dozen colleagues in the coming weeks, as poor working conditions drive nurses away.

1/ Daniel Darling was the senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters until he wrote a column where he recommended Christians get the COVID-19 vaccine. He was then fired.

From @RepKristiNoem : We will not be mandating COVID-19 vaccinations in South Dakota. The Biden administration has no business forcing vaccinations on the American people through executive decree or rule.

Support for removal rose and Senate Republicans saw an election rushing toward them under a black cloud. That was Nixon, but it could also be Trump, says @funder .

Indoor mask policies are effective and complement vaccines to prevent infection in everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated.