York City White House

Tributes for the victims of 9/11 take place in New York City and at the White House.

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York City White House

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Trump admin. ignored evidence of climate change's impact on migration to the US, report obtained by @NBCNews  shows. "The Trump administration entirely suspended foreign aid that would help mitigate what was going on down here," @jacobsoboroff  tells @allinwithchris 

#DTS @TomFitton  : The Steele dossier is a product of the Clinton machine & Deep State. I don’t think there was any Russian intel behind it. It was all recycled material out of the FBI, CIA disinformation operations targetin @POTUS  #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

At the heart of an unfolding legal showdown over a whistleblower’s complaint concerning President Trump is a law designed to allow members of the intelligence community to bring forward evidence of wrongdoing by the government

Alarmed by images of Greenland ice sheets melting and burning Amazon rain forests, young climate change activists led a global #climatestrike  inspired by Swedish teen @GretaThunberg  

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#DTS @pnjaban  : The whistleblower complaint is a partisan effort to undermin @POTUS  from the swamp. It’s somebody who is probably leaking and using this as a cover to do so. We’ve seen dozens of examples of this in this administration’s history #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

At least 4 people were killed and more than 2 dozen injured in a bus crash in rural Utah on Friday afternoon, an official said

Drew Scanlon, who inspired the viral blinking man GIF, is trying to use his fame to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

“What he’s been saying in public is the kind of thing I used to prosecute people for doing in private,” says a former Watergate prosecutor, explaining Trump’s public misbehavior.

“For the president to use congressionally appropriated military aid as leverage to pressure another government to investigate one of his potential opponents in the 2020 election is a blatant misuse of power.” ~ @washingtonpost ⁩