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Paul Manafort appeared in federal court in a wheelchair with a swollen right foot as his attorney urged an expedited sentencing date due to "significant issues" related to his client's health. https://t.co/oO0PWnjY5B
A male passenger went on a profanity-filled rant and played an unwanted game of "footsie" with his female seat mate. https://t.co/mmsCTkyYsq
The man left more than 10 threatening messages, prosecutors alleged. https://t.co/ByOcv6tGTy
“I respect and value his opinion,” Beckham said of co-owner and team president John Mara.
5 things feds are looking for in Pennsylvania priest abuse that were already found https://t.co/5y7TBZpjwA
What's the answer? Take our Election Quiz to test your knowledge #Midterms2018
Cases are exceedingly rare. But for a small number of children, the results are devastating.
Ohio Senate race: Sen. Brown threatens legal action after accusation of 'unwanted' advance against woman in '80's https://t.co/lYtE31qhqs
These students are dismantling the labels of homecoming king and queen in an effort to be more inclusive to their peers, including those in the LGBT community.
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