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These sales move fast, so you should too. https://t.co/6CLSNlPP9w #PrimeDay2018
Sen. John McCain is one of a growing number of Republican lawmakers that criticized President Donald Trump's joint appearance with Russian President Vladimir Putin. https://t.co/Gs3yHqm6dw #HelsinkiSummit
Sen. Rand Paul 'very worried' about Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh https://t.co/yaDJQRLWut
Intelligence chief Dan Coats counters Trump: 'We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling' https://t.co/o0LyPSdjpK
Things in Hawkins, Indiana, are totally, completely, 100% fine. At least, for now. https://t.co/jECrRouziB #StrangerThings
"We feel like there is no way out of this nightmare because the asylum officials and the judges are against us," the letter concludes. https://t.co/NY28nYn6kw
Paul Ryan slams Trump after summit: 'No question that Russia interfered in our election' https://t.co/mhMORwchKY
"I have two main fears: sharks and heights." https://t.co/zE9EvfmtAp
#BREAKING: House Speaker Paul Ryan criticizes President Donald Trump's handling of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. https://t.co/mhMORwchKY
Federal judge temporarily halts deportation of parents separated from children https://t.co/rjVUTCWL90
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