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Meghan McCain returned to Arizona this week to be with her ailing father, Sen. John McCain. https://t.co/26XFNUg2Eb
Does Facebook really spy on you via your phone's mic? Does it read your text messages? We parse out fact vs. fiction: https://t.co/Ll8CQe5M7l
With her father hospitalized, Meghan McCain goes 'home to Arizona' https://t.co/eJ7PzGLpMu
Former NBA player Kenyon Martin believes “85% of the league” smoked marijuana during his career. #420day https://t.co/TpYJlq0yPk
Story from Tractor Supply: A no-mess pet bath, a personal vegetable garden and a party-perfect fire pit are just a few of the optionshttps://t.co/tu9lVg3Iky.
Accounts for as many as 1.5 million clients at SunTrust Banks may have been compromised. https://t.co/ulov8WyM05
A no-mess pet bath, a personal vegetable garden and a party-perfect fire pit are just a few of the options. https://t.co/tu9lVg3Iky
Authorities in Berlin have begun the process of defusing a 1,102-pound British World War II aerial bomb that was found during construction work. https://t.co/kX8ZqecTRa
Swedish EDM DJ Avicii has died in the Persian Gulf nation of Oman, according to a statement from his representative. He was 28. https://t.co/Dc0nIDEuVd
Live stream: Public pays last respects to former first lady Barbara Bush in Houston https://t.co/aehIBUe0er
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