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Study indicates COVID-19 antibodies may fade after a few months

State of emergecy called in Arctic after Russian fuel spill

States sue to block deportation of international university students

Ghislaine Maxwell an 'extreme flight risk,' prosecutors tell judge in filing

California orders indoor businesses to close, limits on churches, gyms in some counties

Congress questions private ICE detention center CEOs about pandemic response


@bts_bighit  @BTS_twt  is collaborating w/ 22 artists in 5 cities for , a series of exhibitions around the globe running from January through March. Read about it here: .

South Korea’s BTS commercials to play at sacred Chinese mountain

BTS holds world’s largest paid virtual concert

Hong Kong legislative council breaks out in scuffle

Mexico City issues emergency alert as wildfire smoke fills air

U.S. fighter jets intercept two Russian bombers near Alaska