💜💙 @BTS_twt 's messages of solidarity have given hope to children and young people around the world during COVID-19. Today, we are proud to announce that we are renewing our joint commitment to creating a kinder, safer and more connected world. Are you with us? #BTSLoveMyself 

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Health / Wellness

Asia supply, the world is getting better prepared for the next big one: Sanofi unveils $476M vaccine plant in Singapore, bringing its total outlay to $1.7B in the field for past year $SNY by @JSully27 

"Unless humans stop pumping carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, researchers say the planet's biodiversity will suffer devastating consequences."

Protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the workplace.

Check out this animation and see how location, proximity and time can help you make safer choices when you're in an area of widespread #COVID19  transmission.

We have a chance to transform the fate of the high seas by agreeing on a strong Global Ocean Treaty@UN . We can turn back the clock on ocean destruction and save marine ecosystems while sustaining coastal communities for generations to come.

Women are the backbone of rural communities. 👩🏽‍🌾🌾 But they often bear the brunt of #ClimateChange  and food insecurity. Reaching#ZeroHunger  depends on empowering #RuralWomen . 👏💪

Are you a vaccinator, clinician, logistician or other focal point involved in #COVID19  vaccination? Join our 🆕 #OpenWHO  course providing vaccine-specific information on COVID-19 vaccines that are listed for emergency use. 👉

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“While there may not be in-person events this year, there will be various online events. If you're planning one or wish to contribute to one, click on the link. You can make a difference this Earth Day … and that difference can start on your plate.”

Today, 40 of our most ardent supporters are joining us for a day of advocacy. Together, they're going to help us ensure that all kids have access to healthy food this summer and we are so grateful for their voices!

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