The class of 2020 is unlike any other. In ways big and small, global and local, young people are making their mark on the world and driving lasting change in their communities. Keep raising your voices. Keep inspiring each other. Keep going. @BTS_twt  #Throwback  #DearClassOf2020 

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Health / Wellness

Animated GIF of the bizarre bird scene from the only surviving fragment of The Centaurs (1921), now lost, created by the American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay, who died #onthisday  in Brooklyn in 1934. Watch here: #OTD 

"But globally, progress has stalled at an unacceptably high level, with more than 200 million #malaria [] cases and 400 thousand deaths every year. Most are children and pregnant women in Africa. " @DrTedros- 

This spill in the gulf of Aden is rekindling concerns about the fate of the #FSOSafer , anchored near #Yemen 's western Red Sea port of Hodeida since 2015, with 1.1 million barrels of crude on board. The time is ticking on this potential environmental bomb.

As more go hungry and malnutrition is on the rise, achieving #ZeroHunger  by 2030 is in doubt and #COVID19  is making it worse. The #GlobalGoals  offer the best option to recover better. Learn why #SDG2  2 matters now more than ever⤵️

I spent nearly 2 years covering the journey of the ADA through a half dozen committees in the House and Senate. Could not convince my editors at the time that it was a big deal. 31 years later glad to say I was right.

"We still have a very long road to travel. But this is an ambitious and purposeful stride down that road. WHO remains committed to walking and working with you, our partners, until we reach our destination: a world free of #malaria  . " @DrTedros- 

Scoop: @dfriedman33  has Unmasked the Oath Keepers’ January 6 “Operations Leader.” “Person Ten” in a federal conspiracy case is Michael Simmons. He says he didn’t tell anyone to storm Congress.

"The key to #malaria  eradication is partnership, and we’re all very grateful that the European Union, the @EIB  and the @gatesfoundation  have committed to investing in this very exciting project. " @DrTedros- 

"My father plans to marry me off to one of his friends who happens to be in his mid-forties." Hear *Hurairah’s story and other unheard voices from #Nigeria : *Name changed for pr #ENDChildMarriagetection 

"18 months ago, most people outside the life sciences world had never heard of mRNA. But the very high efficacy of two mRNA vaccines for #COVID19  have shown the world just how powerful this technology could be against many diseases, including #malaria  . " @DrTedros-