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Building peace where it starts - in the minds of men & women. Follow our Director-General @IrinaBokova

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Let’s not forget that education has the power to transform lives!

In the latest #UNESCOCourier issue, @k_satyarthi tells how his quest to improve the lives of children began and why he believes true liberation starts with education.

📰 https://t.co/aAslxQUfVL
What can a community do when its own heritage is being forgotten?

In Bengaluru,India, citizens decided to act to protect their local heritage with the help of local authorities

We all have a heritage to care about & to protect, that is what unites us

Let's !#unite4heritage
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A road map to change the world 🌏

Equip the next generation with an education that will help them:

1⃣. understand,
2⃣. care about
3⃣. and address

the global risks we all face.


📰 https://t.co/X36z3PXS3u
What do you think? Are we being informed or manipulated?

It is time to stand up for #PressFreedom & reliable information!

📰 https://t.co/0zEOJ8hh26#UNESCOcourier
Is there safety in numbers?

📌263M children & young people are out of school
📌617M children & adolescents worldwide do not meet the min. threshold for literacy & maths
📌750M adults are illiterate

Let's make sure no one is left behind.

🔗 https://t.co/2N8uexhQRA#Education2030
The 🔑 to peace - ensure all children can access education.

But what happens to the children, deprived of their right to go to school?

We are given a glimpse of this in the #UNESCOCourier's 'Hijacked Education' article.

Don’t make them invisible. They also exist.

“Women should be given room to prove themselves in sports as a player and a broadcaster.” - @FazeelaSaba1

📰 https://t.co/4CGG2xXU8q
Lake Chad needs help! 🆘

🔴 Lake’s surface area has shrunk by more than 90%

🔴 Rainfalls have declined over the past 50 years

🔴 The lake is a key source of fresh water for more than 40M people

ℹ️ https://t.co/aCGC4WLD17
Do you have a women-led #ClimateAction project?
Apply for the 2018 @Momentum_UNFCCC Awards: https://t.co/5TjzRhkG62
.@UNESCO, Morocco & Spain join forces to promote the conservation and sustainable use of resources in the Intercontinental of #BiosphereReservethe Mediterranean 👉https://t.co/JvexsJISE9
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