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Building peace where it starts - in the minds of men & women. Follow our Director-General @IrinaBokova

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This is a message for the Film industry. We want:

➕films written by women

➕films directed by women

➕films produced by women

#GenderEquality is about respecting our own humanity

ℹ️https://t.co/sP7q3RaKvm #SupportCreativity
▪️ Protect creators' rights
▪️ Guarantee creators' freedom
▪️ Recognize the economic importance of the creative industries

▪️ UNESCO Convention on the Protection & Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions https://t.co/sP7q3RaKvm#SupportCreativity
Join our #FacebookLive with Algerian film director Karim Moussaoui today at 12pm: a conversation about creativity, culture and filmmaking.
Tune in here https://t.co/hKy0n62A0p #SupportCreativity
🔴 430 attacks on artistic freedom reported by @Free_Muse in 2016.

#FreedomOfExpressionis necessary to .#SupportCreativity

ℹ️ https://t.co/sP7q3RaKvm
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To #SupportCreativity means to support an industry of:

▪️ US$ 2,250 bn in revenues
▪️ 30 million jobs.

🔜 Coming this Thursday: New @UNESCO Global Culture Report https://t.co/sP7q3RaKvm
Hey World, here's an important reminder:
#Education is the right for every woman, man & child
👉 https://t.co/brEJsbNDaA#SDG4
@UNESCO . supports Megacities that are facing the challenges of climate change – Discover if your city is one of these 15 emblematic cities and current measures taken to meet the expectations of its inhabitants: https://t.co/kmEeHfklEd#ChangingMindsNotTheClimate #OnePlanet
#Indigenous knowledge of weather and climate is essential to address impacts o #climatechange #WeAreIndigenous #ChangingMindsNotTheClimate #OnePlanetSummitf
@ClimateFron @iipfcct @UNDESAl @undesadspdi @UN4Indigenous @FAOKnowledgenes , ,
7 new projects approved today to #SupportCreativity!

@UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity finances 97 projects in 53 developing countries

ℹ️ https://t.co/Pqov5IxwkK #Culture
To achieve sustainable development, political regulations and financial incentives are not enough.

We need to change the way we think and act.

This change starts with #Education.

ℹ️ https://t.co/v7pAtfjWoH

#ChangingMindsNotTheClimate #OnePlanetSummit
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