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Building peace where it starts - in the minds of men & women. Follow our Director-General @IrinaBokova

Latest Scoops

States must ensure that no one is denied their right to receive quality education, especially those who were forced to flee their homes.

What will it take to guarantee the #RightToEducation for refugees and undocumented migrants? https://t.co/OkEoF0Toda #StandUp4HumanRights
#DYK that Goslar, Germany, was once known as the “Rome of the North”?

The former Imperial town has 1000 years of history.

Discover #UndergroundEurope with @UNESCO & thr@NatGeoough their World Heritage Journeys of the EU.

It is simple math 🧮
Raised awareness + increased literacy = improved decision-making for adaptation & mitigation

Let’s underpin strong & collective action and understanding to say a loud no to climate change!

Make a difference here https://t.co/XzRC1dOI9s
Something old, something new...the spirit of #COP24 and #EduDay is innovation. Regreening Tunisia one tree at a time proves it. https://t.co/bVMpe5TNH5
Attacks on artists have increased over the last years all around the world. How to tackle this trend? How to underpin artists’ freedom in this context?

Join our conversation with @Deeyah_Khan, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

⏯️ https://t.co/SLZFQoCjnm #SupportCreativity
#Climatechangeeducation shifts mind-sets that will drive economic & societal transformation. Learn about UNESCO’s work: https://t.co/v7pAtfjWoH#COP24#EduDay
🔴 Happening now! 🔴

Closing ceremony of @UNESCO's Forum on artificial intelligence in Africa.

Join the Live here ⏯️ https://t.co/g37RTwvdiX 📺 #unesco4ai #ForumOnAIinAfrica
Mauritius brings the spirit of #COP24 and #EducationDay to life with a mobile unit taking #ClimateChangeEducation to islanders: https://t.co/oZ0TkBrNH0
To address climate risks, Třeboň Basin #BiosphereReserve combined economic development and biodiversity protection!

Bold & responsible is #ClimateActionpossible, so is !

#ChangingMindsNotTheClimate https://t.co/MwIi2r0dIU@unescoEARTH@UNESCO_MAB
Investing in people’s learning & skills on is #climatechangekey for impactful sustainable initiatives. https://t.co/v7pAtfjWoH#COP24#EduDay
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