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Official Twitter account of the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment). Follow our senior leadership: @ErikSolheim & @IbrahimThiaw

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Action at the #OnePlanetSummit
We'll be working with @BNPParibas to support smallholder projects related to renewable energy ⚡️ access, agroforestry 🌳, water 💧access and responsible agriculture 👩‍🌾. #OnePlanet https://t.co/34MO6AH2ev
Countries that lead shift away from fossil fuels will reap the greatest economic & environmental benefits for this S#OnePlanetuhttps://t.co/zFc4QeqRIlm#BeatPollutionm#OnePlanetSummitit
Air pollution = this #OnePlanet's single greatest environmental risk to health. Let's continue the fight to #BeatPollution today in Paris: https://t.co/udC4Vskpnh
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UN Environment Patron of the Oceans @LewisPugh swims in the polar regions to draw attention to our warming planet.
What will YOU do for this #OnePlanet? https://t.co/7OlDs3us0N #BeatPollution
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Time is running out to reform the buildings and construction sector’s energy performance & keep the on #ParisAgreementtrack, with the energy intensity per square meter of buildings needing to improve 30% by 2030 #OnePlanethttps://t.co/dds9Bai9M4
2012 #renewables jobs – 5.7 million
2016 renewables jobs – 9.8 million
It makes economic sense to #BeatPollution for this #OnePlanet: https://t.co/EwU8sei0Vb
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#OnePlanet Summit seeks to mobilize new announcements of bold projects and substantial financial commitments to combat #climatechange. https://t.co/u1vHrhStt9
Pollution threatens natural systems that sustain all life on this #OnePlanet & underpin livelihoods of billions: https://t.co/tTy3wIcasr#BeatPollution
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"After more than 5 decades of tree planting, the environment has become much better." Saihanba Afforestation Community is a @UNEP Champion of the Earth for transforming degraded land into a lush paradise. https://t.co/0hYTGe32hm #EarthChamps
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Around 22% of our planet’s land area is mountainous, normally thought of as great wildernesses with pristine beauty. But increasing tourism, agric, urban expansion & mining are polluting mountain envs. How can we to #beatpollutionkeep our mountains green? https://t.co/34ZxCYNfMn
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