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Next time you try to secure a shipping contract Chris Grayling, maybe take a look at this?

Think there shouldn't be a next time? Sign our petition calling on him to resign:
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Want to do something great this weekend? Join our movement for the many, not the few. 🌹
Theresa May just lost yet another vote in Parliament.
Despite countless promises, she’s no closer to resolving the problems with her botched #Brexit.
She’s just running down the clock.
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This is what the NHS crisis looks like.
Here’s an exclusive look at our latest political broadcast.
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90% of police say they are under-staffed and officers are dealing with life-threatening situations completely alone – at what point will this Tory government admit their mistake and start properly funding our force?
This is abhorrent.
✔️ Oversaw rail timetable which caused 770 cancellations a day

✔️ Gave £1.4bn contract to Carillion – which collapsed

✔️ Awarded £14m contract to ship company – with no ships

Think it's time Chris Grayling resigned? So do we.

How NOT to get a shipping contract.
Perhaps Chris Grayling should take note? ⛴️ 🙄

Think the Tory Transport Minister should resign? Sign our petition 👇
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After awarding a £14 million contract to a shipping company with no ships, it's time Tory Transport Minister Chris Grayling's ship sailed.

Agree that he needs to resign? Sign this 👇
We need to break the cycle of in-work poverty. That's why we're calling for a £10 an hour National Living Wage. Agree? Add your name to our petition 👇
This week, the Tories announced that 115,000 couples could lose out on £588 a month through pension credit changes.
Don't let them get away with it. Share this 👇
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The Most Relevant

#VoteLabour today for a fairer Britain. Find out where to vote, then share this ↓
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Today vote Remain to protect 3 million British jobs, workers’ rights, the economy and our NHS. #LabourInForBritain.
Five things you need to know about Dominic Raab, the man Theresa May has chosen to lead her Tory Brexit.
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The Tory minister in charge of the NHS has just been caught endorsing a private health company which charges patients to see a GP.

In a double 🤔 page 🤔 advert. 🤔
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Vote Remain tomorrow to protect Jobs and £220bn worth of exports a year to the UK economy. #LabourInForBritain RT.
Grime artist @ajtracey is voting Labour to tackle the housing crisis. If you're with him RT now ↓
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Amber Rudd has just been given a new job in Theresa May’s cabinet.
But there are a few things she’d like you to forget…

Make sure people don’t forget. Hit retweet 👇
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BREAKING: Theresa May has pulled her Brexit vote because she knew it would lose. After two years of negotiations, she has completely failed.

What an absolute shambles.
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“The NHS is the greatest thing I have ever experienced in my entire life!” US comedian is backing Labour for the NHS. RT ↓
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Today marks one year since the tragic murder of our colleague & sister Jo Cox. Today – and every day – we remember her words. #moreincommon
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