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Since August, 16.4M Tweets around #DACA.

Learn more about #DreamActNow and see how users are making their voices heard across the US.
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More than 3 million Tweets about the #MeToo movement. Explore how it spread on Twitter in its first week with this visualization of the volume & top Tweets.
He @ddlovato @ladygaga @FifthHarmony @justinbieber @5SOSy : You've had some pretty 🔥 fans behind you this #ThisHappened year.
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Here are the most Tweeted about movies of 2017. #ThisHappened
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Here are the top sports hashtags of 2017. #ThisHappened
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Here are the most Tweeted about TV shows of 2017. #ThisHappened
Cryptocurrency: future or fad? The debate on Twitter heats up. Read our blog to weigh in https://t.co/LSHzzSRqy2
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These are the 10 most Tweeted about world leaders during the first day of #UNGA General Debate
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