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Journalist, writer, all-round word monkey. Formerly associate editor @JOE_co_uk & homepage editor/reporter @BuzzFeedUK. Foreign, in case Theresa May is reading.

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We now go live to Downing Street, where the Tories are installing this commemorative plaque #theindependentgroup #LabourSplit
Not sure how inspiring the Independent Group's campaign slogan on their website is
The Independent Group's website seems to have crashed already so that's a good start
@DanaSchwartzzz Someone in primary school told me if you say the 'Our Father' prayer backwards in front of a mirror, it brings the Devil to life. I did it, of course, and became convinced the Devil was haunting me

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Me on Friday, on Saturday and on Sunday

Me whenever a co-worker microwaves fish in the office for lunch
These privacy setting options sound just like my therapist when discussing my issues
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