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Tucson air traffic up; airlines upgrading, adding flights https://t.co/yaw51HZBHC
Arizona Wildcats are surging, but defensive breakdowns on third down could derail them https://t.co/3caNkgY0em
University of Arizona Homecoming since 1914 https://t.co/C1bewiyjvu
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Current conditions from the Star weather camera looking south. #tucson #azwx
Stretch of North Stone Avenue closed after fatal motor vehicle crash https://t.co/9CYKBwpQWS
Interactive report card: Grades for the Arizona Wildcats’ 45-44 victory over Cal https://t.co/S9duuaxgii
Current conditions from the Star weather camera looking south. #tucson #azwx
Final Four in play for Cats as FBI tells Arizona, NCAA to halt investigations until federal agents finish theirs. https://t.co/kcaiuZDhST
Oct. 22 Arizona Daily Star front pages: Demonstrators at Pentagon https://t.co/MEWvRZkOGh
Current conditions from the Star weather camera looking south. #tucson #azwx
Strangers help Oro Valley 'football mom' survive horror of Las Vegas shooting https://t.co/pEThAkwDs0
With Nogales businesses reeling, downtown revitalization is the plan https://t.co/wlBCC4al5O
When is the right time to stop having mammograms? https://t.co/xETTc7r0bI
Ask Amy: Family member enjoys degrading others https://t.co/RQkRCmbGxW
Notes, quotes and stats from the Arizona Wildcats’ 45-44 victory over Cal https://t.co/RwUslXvyKV
Money Manners: Making sure someone's final wishes are carried out is not being pushy https://t.co/p0hOD5q7dY
Another wild Arizona-Cal game ends in victory for the Wildcats in double overtime https://t.co/ho5b1cO5wo
Targeting fouls deplete Arizona Wildcats, but backups step up in a big way https://t.co/TFHEW8fYwS
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