Interest rates rising “for the right reasons”? Gimme a break. Ask any homebuilder CEO. Ask any automaker CEO. Ask any financial company CEO.

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Foreigners are exiting Asian markets at the fastest pace in years

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Dollar loses further ground to start the session

I mentioned this yesterday but while sales of corporate bonds have dried up in the US and Europe they are still BOOMING in China despite the coronavirus outbreak. Issuance is at a record $51 billion so far this year. by @RChoongWilkins 

Far from being a positive sign about the Chinese market, this probably indicates that investors are betting on govt support (also doesn't do much for China's attempts to modernize its corporate bond market)

Originals of tonight’s ABC news charts are here:

A year after the #BalakotAirstrikes  and the ensuing air battle the next day on the LoC, a lot of plans have been implemented but a decisive strike capability upgrade for the #IndianAirForce  is still to be achieved

Passengers traveling economy class on Air New Zealand will have an option to opt for bunk beds on long-haul flights, as the airline unveiled the sleeping pod concept