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Whenever a new bill is proposed in Washington it’s labeled suggesting an outcome exactly the opposite of the one that would in fact be realized. Up next: “The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022”.

The debate about whether or not the US is in recession is tiresome, and off point. On point, and undeniable, is the fact that the US is experiencing stagflation.

UST yields are collapsing. 3.2% across the yield curve offered a couple weeks ago now looks like a bargain.

Well that was quick. The entire UST yield decline of last week has been reversed.

When the previously unconstitutional income tax was put in place through amendment the tax form was advertised as just a couple of pages affecting just a few people.

The 2-year 10-year yield curve inversion is gaining steam. At 36 basis points right now. Rough road ahead.

It’s only one indicator, but one that has been particularly useful: the Copper/Gold ratio suggests the 10-year US Treasury fair value yield is below 2%.

August 6: CPAC backs Trump 69%. August 7: Senate votes to double IRS agents. August 8: FBI raids Trump.

A relative of mine in middle America just had her rent contract expire. The re-up for the next twelve months is up over 40% from last year. Let’s see how far from reality the shelter component of the CPI is tomorrow.

The Biden team says they did not know about the FBI raid. If that is not a lie, how is that good? If that is a lie, how is that good?


Excessive stimulus caused inflation. An intelligent twelve year old was able to predict it. Ms. Yellen, long serving Fed Chair…..yes, Fed Chair,…admitted today she was not. On the inflation bright side, and it is a very bright side, Build Back Biden did not pass.

Dear Mr. President, Please admit excessive stimulus and lockdowns were significant drivers of inflation and pledge you will not support either of these policies again. Sincerely, Jeffrey Gundlach

Airline industry is asking for $50 Billion bailout. Over the last 10 years there were $45.5 Billion in airline share buybacks. The airline industry is in essence asking the government to buy the bought back shares at a 10% profit!!!!

Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro, to name just a few, are leaving California to escape incompetent governance. The “response” from Sacramento? Wealth and massive income tax increases on job creators (AKA “the wealthy”). Should I align with 3 smart guys, or Sacramento? Hmmm.

The United States National Debt surpassed $22,000,000,000,000 today.

The U.S. Treasury Department today admitted to a $3 Trillion “borrowing” need in the next quarter. (I’ll take the “over”.) If endless borrowing is a viable solution, why did we have any taxation in the first place?

Headline today: “$5,800,000,000 in student loan debt will be cancelled”. The debt jubilee has begun.

I doubt I am the only person frustrated by National-Debt-financed bailouts of companies that leveraged up large to buy back stock to levitate share prices to enrich shareholders and company executives.