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Yesterday we climbed to the top of Mt. Battie. It was a gorgeous day, totally rewarded with this breath-taking view. Doggies also enjoyed the mile-long hike in the wood to the mountain top. #Camden  #Maine 

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Revealed: Georgia Republicans use power of state to suppress minority vote

Why would “I” care what he/she thinks.

"US Air Force orders review of overnight stays at Trump resorts, Politico reports"

Life goes on. We need to move on. But, we'll #NeverForget 

@kyoshimine  @yowatanabe101Yo  @ChiekoHSPu  may find this scholarly opinion piece interesting. RE:application of statutory rape to fornication among similar-age juveniles, fornication vs. exploitation, the age-gap approach, prosecutorial discretion, etc.


@vocativ  It's not limited to Tokyo. I'm glad and encouraged to see Japanese women are finally fighting back. Enough is enough. I'd say loud SHAME ON YOU, not only to those sexual predators, but also to the spineless defenders and condescending deniers! (Deniers including #統計坊や )

Japan‘s shameless lawmaker asserts LGBTs do not deserve taxpayers money because they don’t “produce” offsprings. This offensive comment has been endorsed by a top official of Japan’s leading party. Shame on them. Shame on Abe. Shame on anyone who supports her. #LGBT  #Japan 

@yt131214  @vocativThese  problems have been on and on and on. Even when I was a young kid, I encountered sick perverts on the way home from school. I'm not alone. Now Tokyo has women-only trains, but some men are opposing to such solutions, insisting it's discriminatory against men. Sick.

I am so disturbed. So disturbed, I can't even think straight. This was one of the most cruel stories I've read in recent years... I feel so sorry for the girl.

I shared my meal with a hungry child! #ShareTheMeal  is the world's first app against hunger. ShareTheMeal now: