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Let this sink in: Brad Parscale, after initially refusing to leave his home where he had multiple guns and reportedly fired one and had hit his wife was ultimately tackled by SWAT only after a friend in the police dept called him to come out But Breonna Taylor was shot 6 times

Donald Trump dumped $400 million into his clubs in Aberdeen and Turnberry. Now, lawmakers in Edinburgh want to investigate him for money laundering.

"It could not be easier" US Admiral Brett Giroir takes a new Covid-19 test, called a major milestone by the World Health Organization head, giving results ‘in minutes’

Here are some takeaways from our reporting on President Trump’s tax records, which show how he managed to avoid federal income taxes for much of the last two decades.

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Kamala Harris boils it down: ‘We will not let the infection that Pres. Trump has injected into the presidency and into Congress, that has paralyzed our politics and pitted Americans against each other, spread to the U.S. Supreme Court.’

I interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier today and asked if the WH coronavirus task force is working together, or against each other, in light of the Dr. Scott Atlas issues. "Most are working together. I think you know who the outlier is," Fauci told me.

Breaking: Multiple Louisville SWAT Team Members Told Investigators They Had Serious Concerns About Raid on Breonna Taylor’s Apartment

#meadowood across the valley from St Helena. I just left there...they couldn’t save it. :(. #glassfire 

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It took more than half a century for federal courts to seriously evaluate the First Amendment issues in the anti-rioting act… and only after the act was applied to white supremacists (and not the Black activists that Strom Thurmond wanted to target).

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