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I got my quota for today as I do every day.

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Perspective: Trump is either a tax fraud or the world’s worst businessman

“You can put the entire thing to bed if the President would release the records and show the American people what he says is true. Why will he not do that?” @PoppyHarlowCNN  presses WH official Brian Morgenstern on Pres. Trump's federal income tax payments

"It could not be easier" US Admiral Brett Giroir takes a new Covid-19 test, called a major milestone by the World Health Organization head, giving results ‘in minutes’

Worth watching the video. Never mind who the suspect is: watch the police. A man, reportedly armed, is patiently talked with until he can be arrested. Nobody is shot. Trained police can do this. Now think of all the videos that have come out differently.

#meadowood across the valley from St Helena. I just left there...they couldn’t save it. :(. #glassfire 

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Here are some takeaways from our reporting on President Trump’s tax records, which show how he managed to avoid federal income taxes for much of the last two decades.

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Carl Bernstein: "He has created the first grifter presidency in the history of the united states, in which his purpose in running for the presidency and exercising the powers of the presidency, the fundamental reason is to bail himself and his family out."

‘He has created the first grifter presidency in the history of the United States’ — Investigate reporter Carl Bernstein reflects on how Pres. Trump’s chief motive as president is to ‘bail himself and his family out'

JUST IN: Armenian officials say 26 of their own fighters were killed in clashes with Azerbaijan's military today

Dr. Demetrio Aguila was tired of hearing stories about patients saddled with crushing medical debts. So the Nebraska surgeon partnered with several local charities to allow his patients to "pay" for surgery with community service hours instead of dollars.