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VA Boy....UMD GRAD..living life to be defined as something greater than a football player...Chanel's Proud Husband...Father of Torrey and Kameron Smith..BLESSED

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I gotta go buy a UMBC hoody to wear during the media session my charity game tomorrow 😂😂😂😂 Point me in the right direction
I told you @JOEL9ONE #UVA
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@sinjen66 proud of you and happy for you!
Who is going to win this tomorrow? 👀 Guess you will have to come tomorrow to find out! Tickets on sale at https://t.co/oYR3C0qgKL ...donate tickets at https://t.co/92EZKJFbWW
Kirk Cousins really changed the game
Do I have the answers? No ....Do I think calling 911 is ALWAYS the answer...No...but there are resources like the https://t.co/WswpuW3xWY that can help you figure it out...call them +1 (800) 799-7233
1 in every 4 women are victims of domestic violence...don’t let these athlete/celebrity incidents trick you into believing it’s not your issue...odds are you know someone who has been abused or is doing it
@michaelb4jordan I just learned that you were one of the individuals responsible for G-Baby’s death....I can’t look at you the same 😂😂😂
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