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VA Boy....UMD GRAD..living life to be defined as something greater than a football player...Chanel's Proud Husband...Father of Torrey and Kameron Smith..BLESSED

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Go to https://t.co/92EZKJFbWW and donate $10 to have your name entered in the raffle for the crabfeast. If you win, you get to enjoy a crab feast for 10. If you lose, you donate to the @USOMetroDC . You can’t lose!
Crabfeast on Friday at @JimmysSeafood benefiting the @USOMetroDC
Military Flag Football on Saturday
Come on out!
Woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. We have babies dying because dudes can’t put the guns down. I’m a firm believer in taking care of home first before you take care of anything else. We need to take better care of our communities. Show more love and respect to each other
The crab feast for @USOMetroDC is this Friday! I’m going to donate one table for 10 people as a raffle item. Go to https://t.co/92EZKJFbWW and donate $10 to have your name entered in the raffle. For every $10 your name will be added. The winner will be picked by 9 pm on Thursday!
Building memories. I’ll always be there!
Cigarettes cost $7 a pack 😳 That should be enough for you to stop
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I’m don’t claim to be a GM in any sport but why in the world would you think about trading Manny Machado?
Sometimes I wish I owned some red shells from Mario Cart
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