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VA Boy....UMD GRAD..living life to be defined as something greater than a football player...Chanel's Proud Husband...Father of Torrey and Kameron Smith..BLESSED

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Way bigger than the game 🙏🏿
I learned a lot about Charlotte today. The city’s juvenile justice issues, bail reform, public school history, and it’s challenges. It was a lot to unpack. Thanks for joining us. @JJJansen44 @MeckSheriff
There is never a wrong time to do the right thing #keeppounding
It’s too much playing victim and not enough keeping it real going on out here
6 years ago I woke up back home in VA with my family mourning the loss of my brother. We are lucky that we have life. Let’s cherish it and make the most of the time and relationships that we are blessed to have. Love RIP Tevin “Lil Chris” Jones
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I hate to see any player lose money but if that hit was on any other QB but Cam that fine would’ve been a trillion dollars
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Thankfully in this case our freedom isn’t on the line smh
How is the shoving fine equal to the actual hit? That’s crazy. If you aren’t familiar with the cash bail system it’s just like the NFL in this situation. Someone pulls a random number out of their behind with no real reason for it and you have to deal with it.
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