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A man has died in a shooting outside a Rexdale housing complex early Monday morning, police say.

“The stories that we’ve been hearing literally for decades occur again and again and again,” said Fay Faraday, a human rights lawyer and assistant professor at York University.

The real risk here lies in the federal government realizing this new tax could become a reliable and convenient way to get at the vast asset base held by Canadians homeowners, writes Peter Shawn Taylor.

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The Biodiversity Strategy, the city’s first, acknowledges that a greener, wilder city makes for healthier human residents, and that boosting biodiversity will be key to withstanding the pressures of climate change.

Not only does the technology sector benefit from immigrants, writes Rola Dagher, we depend on them for diversity of thought. #opinion 

As we have been reminded on an almost daily basis during this federal election campaign, Indigenous people and people of colour are expected to react to Canadian racism with grace and kindness only, writes Michèle Pearson Clarke, Toronto’s photo laureate.

#Breaking : @ManBookerPrize '>Th @ManBookerPrize  winners have been announced. That's right, "winners," plural! #canlit  #BookerPrize2019 

In this excerpt from her memoir, the longtime crusader for social justice writes about using hidden cameras in an overcrowded shelter, and delivering the burnt remains of a homeless woman’s possessions to the prime minister.

I’m about to give birth to a healthy baby boy, and there are so many women who have gone through cancer and desperately want kids but aren’t able to get pregnant. Lolitta Dandoy:


Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines says if Canada doesn’t take back tonnes of trash within the next week he will “declare war” and ship the containers back himself.

What's #trending  in Toronto? 👀 It's madness at Scarborough Town Centre's #BT21Toronto  pop-up, just look at the crowds blocking the entrances. Why are they there? This pop-up features toys by LINE friends and super popular k-pop group . Video:

#Breaking: Ontario to lose more than 10,000 teaching positions over 5 years under Ford government changes: watchdog.

A Toronto restaurant founded by a Syrian family showcased in the media as a success story of Canada’s refugee resettlement program has closed down after the owners said they received death threats and hate messages.

. buried 20 pages of sweeping changes to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act in Thursday’s omnibus housing bill, amendments that wildlife experts say would gut protections for the province’s at-risk animals and plants.