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‘We’ve never seen anything like this.’ Is Alberta’s new Sovereignty Act actually legal?

Viewers flock to watch glowing lava ooze from Hawaii volcano

Got $32 million to spare? A penthouse condo at 1 Bloor St. W. has hit the Toronto real estate market.

An Ontario man killed his wife with his children next door in the same apartment then disappeared for more than 13 years before being found in Mexico, a Brampton prosecutor said.

Investigation into John Derringer workplace harassment allegations is closed, Q107 says

‘Canada is a tennis powerhouse now,’ Vasek Pospisil says after Davis Cup win

Sharks defenceman Erik Karlsson is a Norris Trophy favourite again


#Breaking : Cockroach-infested long-term care homes, soiled residents left to wallow #COVID19  patients allowed to wander around, forceful feeding of the elderly, and a “culture of fear to use supplies because those cost money.”

This is what the line currently looks like for the new BTS pop-up shop in Toronto at the Eaton Centre 🤯 Hundreds of eager BTS fans also lined up overnight.

Indigenous leaders said the discovery underscores the fact there are likely many more unmarked burial sites stemming from residential schools across the country that have yet to be found — and they urged officials to provide the resources to locate them.

Developers owning Greenbelt land now set to be developed appear to have given significant sums to Ford’s Progressive Conservative party, donation records show.

During her first day in office, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith told reporters she wants to protect unvaccinated people under the Alberta Human Rights Act.

More than 60 years ago a Black teen from Malvern C.I. was told to stop dancing with a white girl on a Buffalo TV show. Toronto exploded.

Humanity used more ecological resources in 2021 than the earth could regenerate in one year by July 29, according to international research organization Global Footprint Network. Story by @_jennamoon 

With so few places mandating masks, is there still a point in covering up? The short answer, experts say, is a resounding yes. The Star breaks down your burning questions about how to navigate this barefaced new world.

On Dec. 21, the date of the winter solstice, gas giants Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky and appear as a single ultra-bright light in a rare event known as the “Christmas Star.”

#Opinion : It’s critical that Canadians know about who Pierre Poilievre is, and about the troubling group of people who support him and what they represent.