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Being an environment minister is all about choosing your battles, even in non-pandemic times, @SusanDelacourt  writes.

‘Call 911!’ Rescuers share dramatic account of how they helped saved a dangling window washer from 20 storeys up

“We have this huge antifa presence in Portland. They’ve torn our city down, and it’s mind-boggling to me.” The truth about the West Coast fires goes to show how in the U.S., the deepest divisions are no longer just political.

Three wounded in shooting near Jane and Sheppard

Chloe, 33, is a nurse practioner making $120,000 a year. After buying a home in Toronto, working throughout the pandemic, she wants to move to Europe and start a business. #MillennialMoney 

It is still impossible to go out without encountering people who have consciously decided not to mask. Why has no level of government made mask-wearing mandatory? Heather Mallick writes

Ontario needs to finish what it started in 2016, responding to the recent strain on private fundraising with a new constraint on party spending — and a matching increase in public funding, @reggcohn  writes.

Biker struck by GO Train west of Exhibition station recovering at trauma centre

How Toronto hospitals are bracing for COVID-19’s second wave — and what they learned the first time around.


#Breaking : Cockroach-infested long-term care homes, soiled residents left to wallow #COVID19  patients allowed to wander around, forceful feeding of the elderly, and a “culture of fear to use supplies because those cost money.”

Is there any valid reason NOT to wear a mask? We spoke to experts to see what they had to say. “Even doctors who are asthmatic, including myself, are able to (mask up)," one says. "Just wear the damn mask."

Right way to wear a mask? 😷 Wrong way? 👃 Here's why:

“I’d run my fingers through my hair and I’d pull out a whole bunch,” 26-year-old Heather Colton said after getting sick with COVID-19. Survivors are alarmed by latest fallout of COVID-19 — their hair.

@BTS_twt  will be playing Toronto’s Rogers Centre — the 55,000-seat capacity home of the Blue Jays — for not one but two shows on May 30 and 31. @garnetfraser :

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#Breaking : The Ontario government plans to end streaming in Grade 9 — a long-standing practice that research has found disproportionately impacts Black and low-income students and severely limits their chance of graduating, the Star has learned.

When Dr. Richard B. Kennedy sees people wearing a mask with his noses uncovered, his first thought is 'come on, be smarter than that,' he says. His second thought? They might as well not wear a mask at all.

Now that he has solved the world's problems, Donald Trump is a film critic and he has a few things he needs to get off his man boobs, @vinaymenon  writes.