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Latest Scoops

Davidson reveals he used to 'jerk off' to @ArianaGrande before they met during a wildly explicit interview with @HowardStern: https://t.co/TQp6Ie26V0
The supermodel dishes about the first time she slept with @johnlegend -- and spills on her star-studded dream threesome: https://t.co/CTaA5fyWu5
From details about her sex life & harrowing stories of her childhood to struggling with eating disorders, has@Janefonda lived one extraordinary life: https://t.co/wAGH4LJbur
Viewers get to witness @mzprincesslove's 28-hour labor and birth on @VH1's #LaborOfLove: https://t.co/7PkjL3pqfy
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How adorable is @SpencerPratt & @heidimontag's son Gunner?! https://t.co/aVptwtPuk0
Fogelman also explains why you'll probably still need tissues handy for #ThisIsUs Season 3: https://t.co/qRErBIvBR7
Adrienne, Jada, & Willow show off three generations of ABS: https://t.co/nPmLFpZrqp
Nikki Bella reveals she no longer speaks to John Cena: https://t.co/cI9yHplCHJ
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According to @RayJ, it's time for Kanye West & Nick Cannon to 'grow up' regarding their Kim Kardashian beef: https://t.co/8YHEPc8rxZ
The Duke & Duchess of Sussex look more in love than ever ❤️ https://t.co/lgLpsu0vdV
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