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Latest Scoops

Twitter rips Trump and wants Gaga for POTUS as five former presidents unite for hurricane relief.
#VanderpumpRules stars tease the new season and @lala_kent's possible return https://t.co/WsF0Wddn2U
Go inside the Maxim Halloween Party and more celebrity costumes of 2017 https://t.co/EpIBKIO89h
.@AnnaKFaris' new book addresses her split from Chris Pratt, which broke the internet's heart back in August: https://t.co/3yCTAAsLML
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The fight scenes in the new #BlackPanther trailer look EPIC: https://t.co/zDkk6vDDQG
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Here's why David @Letterman decided to gift @ConanOBrien with a surprise horse https://t.co/doX4ZgBzeD
.@BillMaher says @realDonaldTrump is still 'the worst fat, gross creep' amid Harvey Weinstein scandal https://t.co/4S3tFtU7In
.@HillaryClinton admits she 'really tried to get out of going' to @realDonaldTrump's inauguration https://t.co/cxNViWRrbm
.@TrevorNoah on sexual harassment: "It isn't a Hollywood problem, it's a man's problem" https://t.co/TTEMxXmYJl
Yes, it was possible for @justinbieber to fit more tattoos on his body -- check out his new ink: https://t.co/Jtogu0Teys
Wake up, sheeple! 11 famous conspiracy theorists from @KylieJenner to @WhoopiGoldberg https://t.co/8TL2ouWcW6
.@HollandRoden teases a drastically different role on @Lore_TV and reacts to that #TeenWolf finale https://t.co/aCn1oM91X7
Did @IvankaTrump really have a "punk phase"? https://t.co/y1fboCQQzk
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Woody Allen is "sad" for Harvey Weinstein and warns of a "witch hunt" -- but Twitter is not having it https://t.co/rfd2ELj7MA
.@TheEllenShow scares the hell outta @NiallOfficial - see her 13 best scares! https://t.co/DY3N5lfMkK
.@MileyCyrus sends a surprise "welcome home" message to a Las Vegas shooting survivor https://t.co/Yb6AkXG7Zp
Conspiracy theorists think @MELANIATRUMP is using a body double - take a look at the "evidence": https://t.co/NuaJ0PTQDT
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"If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again..." @ErrorOfMyWeighs' amazing story abt Carrie Fisher https://t.co/HR5eErwxp7
.@HowardStern trashes "big fat" Harvey Weinstein in a rare late-night appearance with @JimmyKimmel https://t.co/HdkUco2XTu
How @PattonOswalt copes with his wife's death in an emotional new @Netflix comedy special https://t.co/oxSEowSuVM #Annihilation
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