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Father, Producer, Associate Professor, World Educator & Published Author | The TDC Group, Inc. BadBoy4Life

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Now accepting DJ bookings. dates are filling up. #dj #hiphop
Stop ignoring the red flags especially when it’s red and looks just like a flag 🚩
I will continuously outgrow things because I’m always evolving.
Meanwhile..... in today’s news 😆😆😆
Love should always happen don’t wait until the 14th of February. Candy and flowers will be regular price tomorrow, if she loves you she will accept them anytime ❤️
Can’t say I wasn’t a born and raised New York B Boy. You know where the kicks came from, you know where the LV cap came from. You know where the denim suit came from. Beeper and Swatch…
This Saturday it’s going down in Brooklyn! Meet me there Cc: @istandard @BlackbirdsGroup @LIUMusic @LIUBrooklyn @LIUBKmediaarts
The Grammys political or nah @therealmikedean

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This dude @souljaboy with the greatest comeback so far #SouljaBoy #souljaboychallenge
Every time I hear @lilyachty I think God is playing a joke on me
True artist. No screaming, cussing, or belittling her team responsible for the glitch! Yea she’s a pro for this @ashanti
Why won’t y’all give this man just a lil bit of privacy 🤷🏽‍♂️ seriously
I think @therealmikedean should have been nominated 🤷🏽‍♂️
@RaleighReporter @ShaunKingThat’s only 40 years ago! These people are now your current Dr’s, Lawyers, politicians, Executives, and so on....only in their 60’s. Let that sink in!
To my music connoisseurs: I see a lot of you googling writer credits. Understand that the composer of music is ALSO a songwriter and listed in the credits as such. The contribution may NOT be lyrics or words but are still a contributing songwriter and in fact own 50% of the song.
Today is the deadline to donate to @bennettcollege. They are at risk of losing their accreditation. Please help keep this #HBCU doors open! #StandWithBennett 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽✊🏽@iamdiddy

CashApp: $StandwithBennett Text2Give: Text BELLES to 444999
They really think all black people look alike
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