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Awesome. Can't wait for the Sixers dance quad carrying Chairman Mao balloon this year!

10/11 FRI: We are LIVE from @ParxCasino  from 6-8p EST w/ Harry and Eytan

shit. if he played for either new jersey team, most fans already have own both.

Why not? They use bleach on their anuses, don't they?

@BernieSanders  No. I have Medicare and have to wait a month to even see a specialist for major health issues. Hospitals will be the DMV under your nonsense

10/13 SUN: Countdown to Kickoff at Tollman Joes SPhilly w/ Tony, John and Colin


I will join my fellow Philadelphians at the 11am Friday morning protest to demand you resignation from Pa State House seat asap. You are a proven hate monger and too unstable to hold any elected office. Perhaps you could volunteer full time and dispose of the dead babies instead

Thanks for confirming your hatred of the first amendment Chris. You do realize this is not what Democracy looks like, don't you?

giddiness? You clowns spewed lies and ran with this - as in many other instances - with zero facts and allowed frauds like Kamala Harris and other DNC handlers to refer to this hoax as a "modern day lynching" He isn't the victim hon. He is a criminal enabled by your ilk!

Perfect. A fake science guy and a fake economist.

What a shameful joke the #NFL  has become. Not only pass interference, Dez Bryant should have gotten 15 for running into field. #Fix 

Thanks for making AOC look like a Rhodes Scholar with you equally insipid, racist, anti-semitic drivel. How's your hubb...errh brother?

P Diddy wants to start a new rival league to go up against the NFL. First team will wear unsold Sean Jean gear to start it off

Massive ESPN layoffs underway. Hockey eliminated, but those left behind will be assigned to follow Lebron James 24/7 #BristolBloodbath 

Wonder how many high level government and Hollywood pedophiles are celebrating the #EpsteinSuicide  #Arkancide 

Sounds like Disney honchos sat Jimbo down for a good talk before he fell behind Outer Limits reruns in late night.