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Could envision both OKC and Cleveland requiring that Melo opt out of the final year of his contract (2018-19) in order to agree to a trade.
Worth noting: OKC owes its 2018 first-round pick to Minnesota (top-14 protected) and its 2020 first-round pick to Orlando (top-20 protected)
Footage of Joakim Noah workout - via @Cbrickley603 / IG
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Draymond Green, on what he said to Kevin Durant after KD's recent social media mishaps:
"I laughed in his face."
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In honor the first day of Fall (hoodie weather) and the end of the summer ....

Here's the Hoodie Melo Mixtape Remix
(volume up)
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Mills says Joakim Noah has "been cleared to play" and they've been pleased by how hard he's worked this summer.
Hornacek says he will be cognizant of "not wearing out" KP, Willy and Kuz, who trained heavily in August and played tournament in September
Hornacek, when asked about Ntilikina: "We really like what we've seen in these pickup games. He's getting better every day."
Mills: "We feel really good about where we are with (Porzingis)"
Coach Jeff Honacek: "KP and I have a good relationship... We texted with him all summer."
Knicks GM Scott Perry: "If (Melo) is back with the Knicks, we expect him to be the professional he's always exemplified."
Knicks President Steve Mills: "Our plan is Melo will be with us on Monday at Media Day and Tuesday at practice."
The Knicks record WITHOUT Patrick Ewing has been dramatically different than their record WITH Ewing:
17 years ago, the Knicks traded Patrick Ewing...
Also, this'll have a significant impact on James Harden, who draw a foul on a 3PT attempt 124 times.
That's more than every TEAM in the NBA
LeBron James statical domination of the NBA Finals over the last 10 years is staggering:

Here's the second half of that snippet about the Lakers game:
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Here's a clip from the "Linsanity" documentary, focusing on that Lakers game, when Lin hung 38 on Kobe and the Lakers:
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Here's Lin's game log that February:
25 pts & 7 assists
28 pts & 8 asts
23 & 10
38 & 7
20 & 8
27 & 11
10 & 13
26 & 5
28 & 14
That Linsanity stretch really was insane.

dude was averaging 2.8 ppg for his career - and then averaged 25.0 points and 9.2 assists...
Total(1) => 0.66512989997864 f_u_GLN(2) => 0.63965582847595 f_f_QM(2) => 0.48788189888 indS(2) => 0.078527927398682 indM(2) => 0.045322895050049 indM_1(2) => 0.0063886642456055 indM_2(2) => 0.00098395347595215 indM_4(2) => 0.0095751285552979 indM_5(2) => 0.0062079429626465 indM_6(2) => 0.0025608539581299 indM_7(2) => 0.015719890594482 indM_8(2) => 0.0011990070343018 f_f_pTL(2) => 0.035413980484009 f_f_dT(40) => 0.033395290374756