Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton calls for 'sensible discussion' on expanding domestic spy powers #auspol 

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Peter Dutton

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In case today wasn’t already gloomy enough for you, expect the U.S. death toll from Coronavirus to hit 200,000 today, 227 days after the 1st confirmed U.S. death from the infection.

from @JVLast ⁩: “If Trump/GOP replace Ginsburg it will destroy the remaining public legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Full stop. “GOP willingness to invent, bend, cherry-pick or break rules/norms as needed in pursuit of power would be undeniable” /1

It’s a STAFF TAKEOVER! Do you know what today is? It’s Senator Tim Scott’s birthday! We decided to give him a drive-by birthday surprise! Please join us in wishing him many, many more! Happy Birthday🎉

ex-football coach running for Senate from AL on Voting Rights Act: “a lot of different things you can look at it as, y’know, who’s it going to help? What direction do we need to go w/it? it’s important everything we do we keep secure. keep an eye on it”

20 years ago, America opened up trade with #China  believing once they became rich & prosperous they would become democratic & abide by trade rules It was a miscalculation that’s resulted in closed factories,lost jobs & hollowed out communities

Boris Johnson 'worried about money' and if 'he can afford a nanny' on £150k wage

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Battle over the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg rages as tributes to late justice pour in

The United Nations presents #?????????????. This first-of-its-kind film explores the solutions & action needed to tackle the biggest issues facing humanity, from #COVID19  & the climate crisis to poverty & inequality. Essential viewing!

Under that timeline there wouldn’t be a ruling til months into 2021. An easy to imagine scenario is that Ds, if they win the senate, use budget reconciliation to “fix” the ACA (Biden plan plus restoring mandate) and that moots the lawsuit.

“If Republicans choose this route, their ruthlessness would have resulted in not one, but two SCOTUS seats that will be widely regarded as stolen. “And worse: stolen by a president who was himself elected despite a decisive loss in the popular vote.” /3-end