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HUGE: Impeachment Abuse Expands--Schiff Implicated in Phone Records Spying Misconduct; COUP Against @realDonaldTrump  Can Still Be Stopped In House; FBI "Finds" Clinton Emails; PLUS @JudicialWatch  Sues For Ukraine Coup Corruption Info. BIG Update:

IG report confirms Obama gang and Deep State NEVER had valid reason to spy on @realDonald  href='/s/Trump'>Trump -- yet spying continued into Trump presidency and the Dossier smear was handed off to the corrupt crew of the Mueller special counsel to continue the harassment of @realDonaldTrump. 

New documents produced to leftist group show State Department has evidence of Biden-Burisma-Ukraine corruption uncovered by @MayorRGiuliani.  DOJ and Congress should follow these leads.

BREAKING: House Democrats somehow obtain @RudyGiuliani  phone records in a remarkable abuse of @RealDonaldTrump's  constitutional rights.

COUP ABUSE: Schiff seems to have violated the constitutional and civil rights of @RealDonaldTrump..... 

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Alice In Wonderland Impeachment: Verdict First, Evidence Never. This is a wild abuse of power by Pelosi-Schiff that attacks @realDonaldTrump  and YOUR right to self-government! @JudicialWatch