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Tom Fitton

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COUP: The Left is encouraging a military coup, a communist insurrection, planning secession, and seem to be demanding @realDonaldTrump  leave office no matter the actual election results. Our Republic is threatened like it have never been in modern history.

A United State Senator, @RandPaul,  was almost killed tonight by a mob of violent communists. President @realDonaldTrump  should invoke the Insurrection Act and take other appropriate action to preserve our Republic.

The Left actively encouraging military coup and sedition against @realDonaldTrump. 

DC Police under attack. Mayor Bowser AWOL. President @realDonaldTrump  should step in and rescue our nation's capital again.

In order to help put to rest the 9/11 conspiracy theories, @JudicialWatch  sued for and obtained the Pentagon parking camera footage of A #77  hitting the Pentagon.

Soros' Open Society Foundation has been a major direct and indirect supporter of far-left Tides Center, which is latest "fiscal sponsor" of the major BLM group. Your tax dollars also support the BLM's fiscal sponsor, with at least $2 million for #Covid  activities. #DefundtheLeft 

How many lives have been lost and will be lost thanks to the political suppression of #HydroxyChloroquine  -- mostly to undermine @realDonaldTrump?  This suppression will turn out to be the WORST public health scandal in American history.

We beat the FBI but now the corrupted agency tells court it wants to withhold McCabe text messages until AFTER the election! @realDonaldTrump  should order their immediate release!

BREAKING: FBI Agent On Mueller Teams Admits @realDonald  href='/s/trump'>Trump, Flynn, Investigations Were A Crock! Crossfire Hurricane was based on "supposition on supposition" and Mueller gang used Flynn prosecution to "get Trump"! Mueller team MISCONDUCT AND ABUSE described in new DOJ filing!

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