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Daily Japanese fashion news and Tokyo street fashion pictures from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas. Videos: http://youtube.com/tokyofashionnews

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18-year-old Kaiya on the street in Harajuku wearing Nogizaka46 photos as an accessory, a vintage ruffle shirt, necktie, paisley pants, Zara boots, and Casselini bag #原宿 https://t.co/W7PWaQCfoP
The New Punks of Los Angeles - In the California city's outlying areas, Latino teenagers are shaping a new music scene (NYTimes) https://t.co/ycqYOwFHWe
Another rainy night in Harajuku tonight. #原宿
Elena @jbamybbb (), Beni () @B_bf90514& Shota () on In @immrshtstagram https://t.co/FQzNLuZJUghttps://t.co/P2rraJvjcihttps://t.co/ugbIaWGxIV
Elena, Beni & Shota on the street in Harajuku wearing rope print by alo@NemethTokyong with Nest Robe, Pinnap, Billion, Dolls Kill, Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens & TokyoHumanExperiments #原宿#ネメスhttps://t.co/g7IjkisluK
19-year-old Roku - whose favorite song is the theme to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - on the street in Harajuku w/ vintage top, bondage pants from LaForet Harajuku, cat print bag, Yosuke platforms & Vivienne Westwood accessories #原宿https://t.co/hXnl63nUaY
Laforet Harajuku highlights fashion & activism with special Vivienne Westwood anniversary exhibit () @JapanTodayhttps://t.co/IMRKQcMLoM
Happy Halloween from Japan everyone!! We want to share some of the fun we had tonight at the 2018 Shibuya Halloween Street Party!! Hope to see you in Tokyo next year for Halloween!! #HAPPYHALLOWEEN #Halloween18 #trickortreat #ハロウィン
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We ran into Harajuku street style personalities Maria and Meggumi (@___vveumg) - along with lots of other people - at tonight's Halloween street party in Shibuya. We shot lots of video of Tokyo's Halloween fun and will be posting a clip soon!! #ハロウィン
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