Imran Khan / American / Cynthia Ritchie

Pakistani television host claims PM Imran Khan wanted to have sex with American adventurist Cynthia Ritchie.

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Imran Khan / American / Cynthia Ritchie

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I just signed a law banning "Zuckerbucks" in Texas. It bans private groups like the one supported by Zuckerberg from spending millions to administer elections like Zuckerberg & others did in Texas. That is a government function not to be messed with by election influencers.

A few days ago, Trump issued a statement reaffirming that he trusts Putin more than US intelligence agencies. Today he issues a statement assailing US allies like France, saying they are "ripping off our country."

I just signed a law that puts virtual currency under the Texas Uniform Commercial Code to be a secured transaction. It defines virtual currency, establishes when a person acquires a right in it, and when a person has control of it.

FRANCE: Man who slapped president Macron has been sentenced to four months imprisonment

Over six decades on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has crafted a brightly colored signature look, and her sartorial choices are about more than fashion.

Canada's Trudeau called for concerted G7 approach to China - source

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New Israeli coalition government seeks to put an end to the Netanyahu era

And being a massive Trump fanboy, the only one at the G7 meeting.

A seat to fly with Jeff Bezos to space sells at auction for $28 million

President Biden Continues to Reverse Trump-era Policies for No Reason Other Than Erasing His Legacy