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Sanders apologizes to Biden for surrogate's op-ed alleging he has a "big corruption problem"

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Shhh, nothing is more important than enjoying the afternoon sun. Time to put aside your work for a moment and bask in some happiness.

Check out this super sleek Arduino powered RC car

Dr. Bronner's makes ethically-sourced, sustainable soaps

He's eight years old and he's been through a lot. The Animal Foundation is asking for help with a special case. Story:

FLASHBACK: The liberal media hated the idea of calling more witnesses during Bill Clinton's impeachment, saying it was a "distraction" and a "sham."

In a backyard in Harare, Venensia Mukarati is using hydroponics to grow vegetables for some of the city’s top restaurants, at a time when southern Africa is facing its worst drought in more than a century

Pro-Life Leaders Condemn Study Saying Women Do Not Regret Abortion: ‘Deeply Entangled With The Abortion Lobby’

When surgical checklists are strictly adhered to, missing even one of those elements can prevent the operation from beginning. Instead, some hospitals just avoid the checklist.