Magisterial Enquiry / Judicial Enquiry / Gopal Hosur / Retd

There will be a Magisterial Enquiry & perhaps a Judicial Enquiry into this matter: Gopal Hosur, Retd. IG tells TIMES NOW. | #CopsKillRapists 

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Magisterial Enquiry / Judicial Enquiry / Gopal Hosur / Retd

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Pete Buttigieg: "It is especially humbling in the middle of Black History Month to think about what it means to stand before African-American voters and ask them for their vote."

Surprised this has taken so long. Fascinated to know the processes behind the original award to her.

Important news: They’re playing Baby Shark during the 7th inning stretch.

Pope Francis has cautioned against “unfair” solutions aimed at ending the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Let’s not mince words: Trump and his GOP defenders appear to be actively abetting an attack on our country, writes @ThePlumLineGS 

China braces for inevitable big hit to economy from virus, says Xi

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Ever wondered who the millions of people who edit Wikipedia are? @mandiberg  has your answer: